Some Notes on Midsummer Farm Workshops: 

Our workshops are information-heavy and many involve opportunities for hands-on experience and sometimes tasting as well. 

We keep class size small and manageable so you get personal attention and can comfortably ask your questions. 

Class style is informal – usually taking place gathered around our kitchen table or a picnic table.

Classes are taught from a strictly Holistic and Organic standpoint.

Participants must register in advance. Early registration is encouraged as we may cancel workshop if we don't get enough participants. NOTE: times and dates of workshops are subject to change.

We try very hard to accommodate Weekday and Weekend Schedules. As farmers, who also have to work off farm, we totally understand how hard it can be to find time in your schedule to take workshops and do events. We try very hard to alternate whether we do a particular workshop on a weekend or weekday as we know some people can only make weekend events and others only weekday. And we wish we could offer everything with a weekday session and a weekday to accommodate everyone - but we run out of days each season!

If you see a workshop or course that you are very interested in, but it is not on our current schedule, please let us know! We're always happy to hear that someone is interested, and we'll plan to do the workshop.

Also, if it seems we keep offering a particular workshop on a weekday and you need it to be on a weekend, or vice-versa - please let us know! Before I schedule a workshop, I'm usually sitting there trying to decide what day. If I know you are interested, it will really help my decision-making! 


One of our farm's primary missions is to empower as many people as possible to successfully grow their own high-quality, nutrient-dense food. High-quality, home-grown, home-prepared food can heal, revitalize and re-energize! We truly enjoy sharing what we've learned and developed in our fields and our kitchen. 

To us, growing food that nourishes, using herbs to balance and restore medicinally, and working with nature and toward healing the environment is all one lifestyle - this lifestyle encompasses the ideals of Organic Growing, Biodynamics, Herbalism, and Permaculture.

We offer both Full-Day Intensive-Styled Courses as well as Shorter, 2-Hour Long Workshops on a wide range of topics as well as all sorts of solid free info here on this site and in our email newsletter. It is our plan to keep adding and building this site into a comprehensive resource on growing food, gardening, cooking, holistic health, native growing, herbalism and more. Basically sharing what we are so excited to be doing and working with.

Our approach is to teach and share from experience. Some of what we may describe will be different from books you have read or other sources. But we promise that what we're talking about works in the real world! On real farms producing food, for real businesses, for real kitchens ...