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Drawing and Painting Holy Basils

The fast growing annual adaptogenic herb, Holy Basil, is closely related to the culinary basils, but has a striking and remarkable energy. During this workshop, we'll be spending time with the Holy Basil plants - a couple different varieties - which will all be at their peak. Through drawing, painting, and personal discussion, we'll get to really know and develop a deeper relationship to this magical and spiritually-intense healing herb. At this point in the summer, the Holy Basil plants are at the height of their growth and medicinal value, full flowering with bees tumbling among them. As an adaptogen, Holy Basil aids the body in balancing and renewing itself and fighting the effects of the stresses of modern life. 

Price includes all art materials; Workshop is hands on and takes place at Midsummer Farm. 3 hours, 10 am to 1 pm, bring a bagged lunch!

Cost is $46 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Currently Scheduled for Friday, August 7th 2020

NOTE - All workshops must be registered in advance. Take note of deadlines for registration.  Registration forms and options can be found on our Current Schedule Page. Info on refunds and more can also be found on the Current Schedule Page. Please email me with any questions you may have! 

Workshops are informal in style and designed to be a fun outing where you also learn and socialize! We hope you'll join us soon! 

Cost is $10 | Current Schedule | Registration 

Currently Scheduled for Monday June 8th from 10 am to noon

10 Common Herbs that Make Life Sparkle

This workshop focuses on 10 common herbs that you probably have growing in your yard (or, if not, are easy to grow!) that can add SO MUCH to your household's health and well being:

Making Herbal Infused Salves, Ointments, and Lip Balms

 With a focus on organic, fair-trade, medicinal herbs and spices, we'll construct a variety of healing and soothing salves and lip balms. We'll also discuss different types of healing herbs, what they can do for us, and where to get them. You'll never want to be without a jar of Anti-itch salve made with white willow bark and plantain or Dry-skin healing Calendula salve made with self heal and chickweed once you see how fun they are to make and how effectively they work.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration 

​Currently Scheduled for November 14th 2020

Short Herbal Workshops at the Herb Farm

Cooking from Your Spring Herb Garden

If you've said to yourself, " I have more herbs than I know what to do with!" take this workshop! Herbs are easy to grow and beautiful, and fresh herbs are pretty much impossible to get in supermarkets. So take the fullest advantage of your herb garden this year - cook away! Herbs are also full of important phytonutrients you can get no where else. You'll get tons of recipes and we'll go through various processes of recipe building, storing, etc that you can apply to any herb at any time.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Herbs and Pets

We use herbs with our Cats and Dogs as well as part of our Natural Pet Program.

Using Herbs with your Pets Workshop

Natural Pet Rearing with a focus on using herbs as a way to naturally care for your cat or dog. We'll be discussing Herbs as Superfoods, Herbs for preventing parasites, Calming herbs, Anti-inflammatory herbs, Allergies and herbs, Skin problems and herbs, and more as well as an Herbal-based whole food supplement mix. 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Herbal and Compost Teas for the Garden

Plants enjoy tea too! Just as with human skin, plants can absorb many nutrients through the pores on their leaves. Plant teas are applied by spraying the plants foliar areas with nutrient dense brewed liquid fertilizer - or tea. We'll go over the basics of brewing plants teas made from aged manures, compost, and various herbs. And we'll also discuss the Biodynamic 500 prep. Making your own teas is simple and easy. The cost is minimal. And the whole process is so much more clean, graceful, and effective than buying expensive commercial fertilizers. Workshop takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration

Currently Scheduled for August 15th 2020, 10 am - noon

We will be discussing a variety of herbs that are safe to use, taste good, and can be put to work in detoxification as well as preventatively and as a tonic.

The herbs we will focus on are: Burdock, Cleavers, Dandelion, Yellow Dock, Chicory, Nettle, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow, Oregano, Red Sage, Red Root, Red Clover, Yerba Mansa... We will be tasting and discussing various ways to use these herbs, make herval products, harvest, and grow them. We will be in contact with the plants themselves in the garden. 

The liver, urinary system, digestive tract and gut, skin, lymphatic system, and circulatory system all can greatly benefit and strengthen through making use of these wonderful herbs. We will also create a plan for keeping you and your family clean and clear and healthy too through these herbs. 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Lyme Protocol Herbs Workshop

Lyme Disease (and other tick-related illnesses associated with it) is an extremely challenging health issue to deal with and heal from. In this workshop, we'll be going  over some of the most up-and-coming herbal protocols for dealing with this disease - in both its chronic and acute phases - and its implications. It is becoming more and more clear that an herbal approach can be much more effective than many of the conventional approaches and that an integrative program for approaching Lyme is very effective. 

Before the class, you can prep by reading two of the best books on Lyme: 

It's not necessary that you read ahead of time, but it would make the workshop even more powerful for you. 

Herbal and Compost Teas for the Garden Workshop Registration

Plantain (Plantago)
Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
Self-Heal or Heal-All (Prunella)
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Nettle (Urtica dioica)
Chickweed (Stellaria media)
Parsley (Petroselinum hortense)
Oregano/Marjoram (Origanum vulgare/Origanum majorana)

These are all easy to grow (some have been classified as weeds). I find them to be cornerstones of herbal well-being, and I want to share how I use them in my household and everyday life. We'll go over identifying, how to harvest, drying, tincturing, freezing, etc. And we'll create some remedies, teas, and recipes using them to their fullest potential. 

Elecampane WOrkSHOP - growing, harvesting, and making medicine

Unless you've hung out a bit at Midsummer Farm, you may not have even heard of Elecampane – but around here, we consider it a miracle herb. Elecampane is our go-to treatment for any bronchial issues or heavy coughing and congestion. We will talk all about the great ways we use elecampane as an herbal medicine. 

We will also visit our elecampane staged-by-age growing area, where we'll harvest some 3 year old roots together and process them. Students will go home with roots to dry and have on hand in their homes for their herbal medicinal cabinet.

Workshop is hands on and takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

​Currently Scheduled for September 11th, 2020

from 10 am to noon 

Using Herbs with your Pets Workshop Registration

Intro to 5 Important and Classic Chinese Herbs

These herbs can be grown effortlessly in this area:

Codonopsis - Dang Shen
Astragalus - Huang Qi
Balloon Flower - Jie Gung
Baikal Skullcap - Huang Qin
Houttuynia - Ying Xing Cao 

All five of these great species are easy to grow, very hardy, and very useful as a part of a household herbal apothecary! 

Workshop is hands on and takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Herbs for Winter Wellness Workshop 

Winter can be tough on us but there are a wonderful assortment of herbs that can truly help. Herbs bring a bit of growing season green and life in our lives even in the dead of winter. 

In this workshop, we'll discuss herbs for supporting the immune system and for treating and preventing colds, flus, sore throats, coughs, congestion and the like. We'll also discuss using herbs to balance hormones and lift spirits during this dark and cold time periods. And we'll go over the concept of using herbs to circulate and lift stagnation in the body so your winter hibernation is peaceful and restorative rather than stale and depressing.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Currently Scheduled for November 20th 2020,

1 pm to 3 pm 

On-Line Registration for 10 Common Herbs that Make Life Sparkle
Growing and Using Herbal Nervines Workshop Registration

workshop on Growing and Using Herbal Nervines 

There is a thrilling group of herbs that are categorized as Nervines. These nervine herbs act by healing and toning the nerves. They can be used internally as teas or tinctures to help alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety on the nervous system; Or they can be used externally as salves to help relieve nerve pain and issues like carpal tunnel. Nervines, with their affinity to the nervous system, work synergistically with Adaptagenic herbs like Holy Basil as well as brain-supportive herbs like Ginkgo. 

Many of the classic nervine herbs can be grown easily in most herb gardens. In this workshop, I will be discussing my favorite very effective nervines and go over ways to make and use herbal products using these herbs.

Workshop is hands on and takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Currently Scheduled for August 15th 2020

​10 am to noon

Workshop on Herbs for Detoxification and for Keeping Your Body Clean & Clear.

Herbs for Detoxification Workshop Registration
Elecampane Workshop Registration
Making Herbal Salves Workshop Registration

Natural Dyeing using Herbs

3 hrs 

We will start out by scouring the farm, gathering herbs and plants that are optimal for dyeing, and discuss how to grow some of my favorites like french marigold, dyer's chamomile, celandine, poke weed, and indigo.

Afterwards, we'll gather in the farm kitchen and do some dye baths - both mordant-free and with mordants. We'll be using wool roving and silk swatches. 

Workshop is hands on and takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $46 | Current Schedule | Registration