Seed Potatoes and Asparagus

Starting at our Allium and Brassia Pre Sale in April, we also sell asparagus crowns and seed potatoes!

In 2019, we will have both green and purple asparagus crowns  - 6 crowns for $5.

We also will have 6 varieties of Seed Potatoes - Magic Molly Fingerling (dark purple/blue inside and out), Austrian Crescent Fingerling (golden colored skin and inside), German Butterball (golden colored skin and inside), Purple Viking (pink and purple skin, white inside), Harvest Moon (dark purple skin, gold inside), and Dark Red Norland (red skin, white inside).  These are all delicious and flavorful heirloom varieties. these are sold in 12 ounce bags (depending on variety, between 10 and 18 plants) for $6.

Our seed potatoes are precut to planting size and dusted with Fir Bark Powder, which helps prevent rot and mould.


We often sell out of these items in April - so buy early! 

Alternatives to Growing Spinach

You may have tried growing Spinach and found it frustrating - Spinach can be tricky when temperatures fluctuate like they do here in NY State.

And that's why we have so many "Spinach Alternatives" for sale at our Plant Sale! The "Spinach Alternatives" are tasty and healthy and MUCH easier to grow than Spinach!

More Information on varieties and types of plants we Sell

We are always adding new plants and varieties to our Plant Store. We are a small farm and can't grow unlimited numbers of everything - if something is sold out please email us as we may some available through divisions or being propagated. 

Check out what we have ready for sale at our Plant Store: 

Figs - a great "alternative" fruit!

Figs are fun and easy to grow. They do need to be brought indoors for the winter though! I grow figs in large pots in the greenhouse and usually end up with a plentiful amount of figs. We have a variety of types of figs for sale at our Plant Sales. None require the wasp-pollinator; they are all self-pollinating. 

Beetles !

Most of the world's beetles are 'good bugs' - they act as predators or their larva do, eating thousands of 'bad bugs.' Here's some tips on growing banks of native grasses, which provide Good Beetles with housing and protection.

Please be aware that we are a small farm and that we cannot grow a ton of everything. But we do make the best effort possible to decide what to grow a lot of! But unfortunately, we end up selling out of certain things, sometimes at our first weekend. 

Also, nature has the last word here, and sometimes despite our best efforts, things don't germinate and other things get eaten. So, please take that into consideration while viewing these lists. And please feel free to let me know - especially if you are traveling a distance - that you're particularly interested in a certain variety! 

Plant Variety Listings

Each year we grow more plants and expand our selection. We are always trying new things and adding varieties to our collections and plant obsessions. 

2021 marks our  Fourteenth Annual Plant and Seedling Sale

We are currently offering over 1000 varieties of various plants and seedlings – 518 of which are herbs! – but also including berries, natives, shrubs, small trees, perennials, annuals, ferns, and tons of vegetables and greens!