We have a tremendous amount of experience in turning a piece of land into something special - something full of life and the pulse of nature. We are also well-versed in structuring a piece of property into something that can produce food - beautiful, clean, organic food.

We would be thrilled to provide you with our insights as well as designs for transforming your outdoor spaces.

Here is a general schedule of steps with price ranges:
(Please note that each design project is very different and requires different hours and inputs, so please email me at barbara@midsummerfarm.com if you are interested, and we'll develop a project and price range that works best for you.) 

1 - Site visit and initial consultation - $100-200 depending on location

  • Takes about 1 hour
  • I will listen to what you are envisioning - and provide thoughts and insights on your space, providing options of ways for you to achieve your vision/s. 

2 - After the initial consult visit, and if you want, I can then start working on a Design Mock-up - usually costs between $200-600 depending in complexity of project.

  • What you need to provide: Survey or drawing of the property including borders, measurements, residence, any other "hardscape" elements. If any additional surveys or tests need to be performed, they would be an additional charge, but that would be agreed on beforehand.
  • Takes about 1 week
  • You'll receive rough sketches in PDF format that we can discuss and make changes on for creating the final design.

3 - After I get your feedback and additions to the Design Mock-up, I can do a Final Design and Landscape Drawing - prices range according to complexity - $100-500 (extra $50 for art to be mailed to you)

  • Takes about 1 week
  • What you need to provide: Detailed feedback and thoughts on the Mock-up sketches.
  • You'll receive PDF's of the final, full-color design/s.
  • If you want, we can mail you the original artwork. 
  • You'll also get full plant lists with planting directions, *clear landscaping instructions and sketches, directions for building any landwork, ponds, water structures, as well as diagrams for building fences, raised beds, coops, outbuildings, outdoor kitchens, and any other elements as required.

*Note we do not do landwork or building, but we can do the plant installations if you want. We may have trustworthy recommendations for people in your area as well.

Midsummer Farm Permaculture  

DIY - We also offer an Official 72-Hour Permaculture Design Course - it meets 14 days throughout the year and provides everything you need to know to develop your own designs, build a sanctuary and food-production hub in your backyard, or take your designing out and into the world! 

Find all the details here!

Clarity is of utmost importance to us and makes projects like this go smoothly. For each step that you decide to pursue, we will re-conform pricing and map out exactly what you want to achieve.

Contact us and we can start discussing what we can do to help you create your vision ...

Or if you are looking at a "Blank Slate" we can provide some ideas and inspirations to start creating a vision...

Please feel welcome to contact us using the form below to get started!

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