midsummer Farm

Even if you can't commit to taking our big Permaculture Design Course, this afternoon spent immersed in working examples of the permaculture principles, will put you on a great path to furthering your future independent research and work.

This Permaculture-Inspiration Presentation will take place in our living room, which also doubles as our permaculture course classroom. Afterwards, we'll wander outside where we can take a look at some examples of how these concepts come together on our farm/backyard.

We can only fit about 12/15 or so people comfortably in our living space so do Register/RSVP as early as possible to hold yourself a seat!

People who have come by for our past Permaculture Course Intro Sessions or who have registered for this year's course or past courses, are also very welcome to join us! We are always adding new stuff to this presentation! 

RSVP / Register Here!

Permaculture Afternoon Inspirational Session

So now I will be doing a pre-intro to Permaculture annually in September as a warm up to the PDC or as an Intro  - It is so important it is that as many people as possible understand the potential here!

So if you want to feel some permaculture-inspiration - or brainstorm on some effective and very positive approaches to fixing our land and earth - or understand new ways to grow more food and heal the land its grown on, or to anyone who just may not be clear as to what permaculture is all about.  
Please feel warmly welcomed to come by our farm for a Permaculture Afternoon - 
Saturday, September 8th from 12 noon to 2 pm. (Feel free to bring a brown-bag lunch; note: no microwave available.)

We are asking for a $10 registration fee when you RSVP ...

We can look to nature and to ancient civilizations and to new science and it all comes together as permaculture - and can create an abundance of food to feed our population and it can restore and build up the earth at the same time. It is so beautifully clear and so simple and easy! We are way beyond sustainable here - 'sustaining' seems pathetic considering permaculture's potential!

I will again be doing a Permaculture-Inspiration Presentation this September - and you're warmly invited ...

While in the process of planning for the first day of our big Permaculture Design Course that starts the beginning of October, I always feel that there are new and wonderful and insanely inspiring ways to introduce Permaculture.

Permaculture is such a gorgeous way of going about addressing life - and especially food production systems - and it is so promising as an effective way to fix and heal the earth on any level. We're talking about ways of designing to improve abundance by supporting the earth, which apply to gardening or to raising animals or developing pasture or creating a school or ecovillage or etc. etc....