We wouldn't grow organically without being able to make use of herbs in the garden. 

Herbs are effective and useful for making our food delicious, our bodies healthy, and our garden productive. 

Organic Poultry Raising 

One of our most popular workshops is our Raising Organic Backyard Poultry. It is great to see that keeping chickens is becoming such a healthy and popular way to produce food on a small scale! 

Successful Seed Starting

We have perfected our seed starting techniques over the past 15 years. Here's our Best Practices....

Other Articles and resources on organic gardening and farming

And we will continue to update and add to this article list ... if you would like to be notified when we do a major update, please sign up for our free email newsletter.

Articles and resources currently available on Organic Gardening Topics can be found here.

BIodynamics aT midsummer Farm

Biodynamics has often been described as step above and beyond organic practices ... it is actually a bit more than that! Read our view on Biodynamics and how we incorporate Biodynamics into our Farm.

private Organic gardening & production consultations

We offer private, customized consultations as well! 

The art of

SOil Building

We try to make sure that during the course of each year 50% of the square footage of our growing area is holding soil-building crops. 

That seems like a lot, but it is very important to actively and consciously build your soil and grow crops for your soil's health. 

Part of the art of gardening organically is soil building. 


Organic PLANT & Seedling Sale

We do a series of plant sales that match up with the growing season and planting out each year. 

We have a huge variety (over 400 types) of vegetable seedlings, over 300 different herb varieties, and an ever changing selection of perennials, natives, ferns, and annuals

Organic Gardening Workshops and Courses

We offer a wide range of courses on both a beginner level and on advanced and specialized levels.

Organic Gardening

We believe that the only way to produce healthy and nutritious food is to produce it organically and sustainably. It is in organic food production where the human race will find true health and well-being.

We are very proud that we have been Certified Organic through NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC Program for almost 15 years - from 2005 until 2019. Although we have decided to officially retire from certification, we still will continue an avidly "beyond organic" approach to every thing we produce. At this point, we also practice a "beyond sustainable" approach as we feel that the world is calling for us to regenerate and restore rather than just stick to sustaining ...

We want everyone to feel empowered and able to produce their own organic food. We are actively working to provide a variety of options on this site for incorporating organic gardening into gardens, homesteads, farms, and lives. We offer a variety of workshops and courses, spring plant and seedling sales, and lots of information, videos, and articles.

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Growing dependable Lettuce - even in Summer

It is possible to grow at least decent lettuce most summers in NY state!

Check out our video below and our Blog Entry on Growing Dependable Lettuce.


Fig Tree Care Page

Berries at Midsummer Farm (TO COME)

Nut Trees (TO COME)

Want to see more videos like this one? Visit our YouTube Channel

New videos posted regularly - Japanese Beetle Control4-Season Growing, and more...

Growing and Harvesting Micro-Greens and Shoots

We now have two videos available on the simple art of growing organic micro-greens and shoots like pea-shoots, sunflower shoots, and nasturtium shoots! 

Growing Organic Micros and Shoots

Harvesting Your Shoots