Hot and Spicy Cucumber Spears

Peach, Almond, and Cardamon Clafoutis

Baklava with Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios

Lemon Pepper Roasted Chickens

Forbidden Rice and Lentil Salad

Grilled Summer Squash with Spanish-Style Olive Reduction

Main Course

Grilled Summer Squash with Spanish-Style Olive Reduction
Grilled planks of various summer squash are then covered with a tangy and rich olive and tomato based reduction sauce

Lamb Ragu
Slow cooked lamb shoulder in a tomato sauce base and organic pasta

Curried Mussel Chowder
Made with certified organic PEI mussels, light curry spice and carrots, bell pepper, potatoes, and a dash of cream

Forbidden Rice and Lentil Salad
Marinated black colored Forbidden rice and lentils mixed with pepper, celery, spring onion, and fresh herbs

Marinated Beets with Nigella
I used baby golden and chiogga beets for a beautiful rainbow-like beet salad. Dressed with a light and simple mix of sherry vinegar, sesame oil and peppery nigella seeds

Eggplant and Coucous Tabouleh
Made with whole wheat couscous instead of the traditional wheat berries. Harissa spice makes an interesting accent to the diced eggplant.

Lemon Pepper Roasted Chickens
Featuring our own homegrown chickens as well as our own greenhouse-grown lemons and just-harvested fresh garlic...

Vegetable Tian
Baked eggplant, summer squash, and tomato with oregano, sage, garlic, and thyme

Midsummer is the height of the growing season - the garden will be full and vibrant, and it is the perfect time to get together to celebrate in gratefulness.

This is the mid-point between summer and autumn and the palette of ingredients from the garden is very different from the first day of summer and from the heavy autumn harvest.

We're planning this dinner to nourish the body and soul and to be a blast! The theme will be a broad and creative tasting of all the crazy heirloom varieties of vegetables we grow with a big focus on getting all the fresh herbs into the recipes!

As you may know from our Plant Sale, we grow a huge diversity of vegetables and greens and herbs - many of which are rare and unusual - we'll be incorporating these into the dishes, and you'll be dining amongst them!

Salad Course

Lentil Radish Watercress Salad
A refreshing lentil-based salad with diced radish, chives, and mint over a bed of watercress

Classic Lettuce Greens Salad with 'cocktail' tomatoes and peaches and peashoots  (Crumbled feta cheese is on the side for some added zing)

Smashed Cucumbers
Made with Korean Cucumbers, Chinese black vinegar, sesame oil, and lots of sesame seeds; the smashed cucumber pieces grab up the flavors...

Spaghetti'd Cucumbers with light vinaigrette

Hot and Spicy Cucumber Spears
Quite a bit of heat from both Sriracha and Sambal Oelek... these spicy spears of Persian Cucumbers also have peanuts and fresh cilantro

Kohlrabi and Welsh Onion Salad with lime vinaigrette, mustardy and spicy micro-greens, and arugula 

Dear Barbara and Mark,
Just wanted to "Thank you" for opening up your home and farm and for all your hard work!    I enjoyed meeting all the new friends at the Dinner and the tour of the Farm and all the delicious food! Barbara you cooked enough to feed an Army! Everything was delicious.  
Wishing you continued Blessings and Success! 
-Janet Picarelli

Hi Barbara!
The inaugural Midsummer Farm dinner was wonderful! Thank you for creating the meal, the environment, and for all the hard work you (and Mark) put in.
-Wendy Gloffke


Peach, Almond, and Cardamon Clafoutis

Baklava with Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios

Take Home

A bag of our special dried oregano mix - one of my favorite new ingredients last year. It is a mix of Italian oregano, Greek oregano, Bristol Cross Oregano, Dittany of Crete, and Marjoram

Saturday, July 27th 2019 (Raindate: Sunday, July 28th)

SORRY !!  WE ARE OFFICIALLY ALL FULL!  But please check out our other Farm Dinner Dates! (we are considering planning a second date - August 10th - email us if you may be interested!)

They will be added to this page as I get them typed up, so please check back again soon! 

Some testimonials from our dinner guests: 

Dear Barbara & Mark,
Thank you so much for such a phenomenal farm dinner. The setting was warm and inviting. 
The food was amazing. I'm having a difficult time finding the correct words to describe the overall experience. Simply put, the fresh the tastes and colors of all the wonderful organic food and seasonings were beyond anything we could've imagined. There were so many courses and we tasted various dishes we hadn't had before and truly enjoyed them.
Thank you, again, Barbara for all of your special cooking, and Mark's tour and narrative of the yard and his expertise on the ducks and chickens. It was a lot of fun. I would've been pleased to come just for all the appetizers and desserts!

We will be talking about your farm dinner to our friends for a long time. Please keep us in mind if you have another dinner, lunch, buffet brunch, or garden tea.
-Mary  Jo & Andy Maroney

MIDSUmmer's Eve Table-in-the-Field Farm Dinner

Table-in-the-Field Midsummer Eve Dinner 7/27/19

We will share our recipes! I am still typing up and formatting the recipes from this menu - many were made up as I harvested... but I'll post them to the blog as I finish them!   

Midsummer's Eve Table in the Field Farm Dinner Menu

(Subject to much change for 2019 Dinner - but this will give you an idea of the experience)

Our theme for this Table in the Field Dinner is Summer Seasonal Herbal... and all the herbs are from our farm.

~Almost all the vegetables are from our garden beds and greenhouse although I did need to supplement with some stuff from the farmers at the Lovely Tuesday Florida Farmer's Market...
~All the poultry is from our farm - including eggs, chicken, duck liver... Except for the pastrami'd duck breast, which is from Quaker Creek Store in Goshen
~Bread is courtesy of Janet's Quality Baked Goods - Janet is a truly artisanal baker creating gorgeous baked goods and breads and always going the extra mile (very literally sometimes) to use artisanal and locally sourced ingredients.
~Lamb is from Jamison Farm in Latrobe, PA
~Mussels are PEI certified organic

Appetizer Course

Smoked Salmon Platter with uncured diced red onion, capers, pea shoots, pepicha sprigs, and a shiso chiffonade with lemon juice

Tapenade Platter
Pine nuts, kalamata olives, black olives, garlic and herbs
Served with breads

Pastrami'd Duck Breast Panini
Grilled panini style sandwiches made with rye bread, slices of Quaker Creek pastrami'd duck breast, Gruyere cheese, nasturtium shoots, and fresh dill

Rainbow Roasted Baby Carrots with Sauerkraut/Chickpea Dip
Marinated and roasted baby carrots with fresh ground spices and cloves and a dip made with our own sauerkraut as well as chickpeas, shallot, and dill

Roasted Shishito Peppers and Red Spring Onions
Simply oiled then roasted and sprinkled with Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt from Mountain Rose Herbs. Some shaved Pecorino Romano cheese is a tasty addition…


Table-in-the-Field Midsummer Eve Dinner 7/27/19

Taking Your Reservation/s Now for Summer 2019! 

The price per person is $100.00 

Please note, we can only accommodate about 20 people for each Farm Dinner  - so please reserve early to hold your spot/s!

Two ways to reserve your spot - Through our safe and easy Paypal button:

Or you can send a check through the mail - Please make checks out to Midsummer Farm. And mail to 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990 

We are eternally grateful to all our customers and supporters over the years. Thank you so much! 

Scroll down for our menu from our Midsummer's Eve Table-in-the-Field Farm Dinner in 2018  - our 2019 Dinner will be similar in style and breath of ingredients, but will change at my whims! 

Rainbow Roasted Baby Carrots with Sauerkraut/Chickpea Dip

​Pastrami'd Duck Breast Panini

Lentil Radish Watercress Salad

​Smashed Cucumbers

​Marinated Beets with Nigella

Vegetable Tian

First Course

Niçoise Platter
Our own version of Niçoise Salad - with olives, hard-boiled eggs with smoked sea salt, baby colored potatoes, red chili pickled string beans, roasted string beans, sliced radish, roasted eggplant planks, sunflower shoots, and a mustardy and shallot-rich vinaigrette dressing

Heirloom Tomato Platter
A variety of colored tomatoes with a light dressing of vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Liberally sprinkled with Alaea Sea Salt from Mountain Rose Herbs, Urfa or Turkish-style pepper flakes, micro-purple basil, and parsley.

Beet-Lox Platter
Orange and Red Beets salt roasted at low temperature then drizzled in a sherry vinegar based marinade. Served with diced uncured red onions, purslane sprigs, capers, & avocado.

Balsamic Roasted Garlic and Artisanal Breads
Along with butter from Trickling Springs.

Duck Liver Terrine with Light Frisée Salad
Made with our own duck livers, this is a spicy terrine alive with garlic, chili, parsley... makes a lovely topping over flat bread or bread with the bright frisée which is lightly dressed with a mild vinaigrette

We'll start at a gentle pace around 4 pm with tours of the garden and greenhouse and farm with festive finger sandwiches and other tapas-style bites.
Around 6 pm, it will be time to settle down at our long Table-in-the-Field for a leisurely multi-course meal featuring the huge variety of vegetable varieties we are known for. 

Around 8 pm, we will have some of our favorite homemade desserts.

Dining Style
Dishes will be served family-style - with plenty of clearly labeled gluten-free and vegan options - passed down the table. Outdoor-feasting: There will be an abundance of dishes and flavors!

Almost all the ingredients will be from our farm - grown using the purest of organic methods and grown biodynamically and respectfully. Chicken, duck, and egg proteins are all from our own home-grown birds. Other animal products will be brought in from local farmer friends who share our ethics and respectful practices as well as our idea of quality.

Taking Your Reservation/s Now! SORRY! ALL-FULL! 

The price per person is $100.00 

We can only accommodate about 20 people for each Farm Dinner  -

so please reserve early to hold your spot/s!

Two ways to reserve your spot - Through our safe and easy Paypal button:

Or you can send a check through the mail - Please make checks out to Midsummer Farm. And mail to 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990 

We are eternally grateful to all our customers and supporters over the years. Thank you so much!