Dates for our 2021 Living with Herbs Course:

Sundays, 10 am - 3pm

March 21 2021
April 25th 2021
May 9th 2021
June 13 2021
July 18th 2021
August 8 2021

August 22 2021
September 5 2021
September 19 2021
October 3 2021
October 17 2021
November 7 2021

3-PAYMENT Living with Herbs Registration

Medicinal Uses:

  • Types of medicinal herbs - categories and families
  • Study of 100's of herbs from Agrimony to Yarrow
  • Harvesting time varies for each herb and varies for what you need to use it for
  • Drying / tincturing
  • Salves and Lip balms
  • Ointments
  • Teas- nourishing and healing
  • Simple syrups
  • Pets and farm animals
  • Sanctuary tonic allies

This will be organized by season for harvesting specific herbs.

This course took over 5 years to structure and plan, and I  am so excited about finally offering this season-long course. It is going to feel so great being able to spend time focusing on herbs and working with a group of people who also love herbs! Let me know if you're interested in participating!

3 Payment option

3 payments of $290 each.

~First payment is due with registration 
~Second is due March 21st 
~Third is due April 21st

Living with Herbs Registration options (choose appropriately)

Registration in Advance is Required. Please register here, using PayPal or you can send us a check made out to Midsummer Farm:

We will be running a select group of workshops and courses that we feel are important and worth while. We are limiting the number of students though and the course structure is changing to be mostly outside. So prepare for weather! Safety is our number one concern - proper social distancing will be required as well as other safety precautions as recommended at the time. Hopefully our entire season won't be over shadowed by Covid, but we will make it work safely and it will be fun and educational! 

Covid has changed much of our day to day lives - but it is also an opportunity to refocus and redirect our energies and our lives. We cannot even express how good we felt that we were growing our own clean and densely nutritious food right at our home. And we felt such gratefulness with how much our farm and the nature-inspired landscape helped to protect and energize us. We regretted that we were not able to share and teach through this period when people really needed it! The courses we teach are designed to give you the info and experience to successfully create sanctuary, health, and nutrition for your selves, for others, and for the environment at large. Hope you will find the opportunity to join us. 

Using Herbs

  • In different formats in cooking
  • Dried, powdered, simple syrups, fresh as flavor base as well as a bright addition to end of recipes
  • Making herb centered dishes - pestos, green sauces, etc
  • Baking, desserts, herbal sorbets
  • Salads, salad dressings, vinegars
  • Succi (Herb Juices) 
  • Beverages
  • Harvesting and preparing with cooking in mind
  • Storing and freezing
  • The health benefits of eating super foods

Cooking with herbs and preparing seasonal food in your herb garden is particularly poignant and fulfilling.

An Herbal Community
Not only do you gain a solid understanding and plan for using herbs in supporting the health and well-being of your household, but you also become a part of our Midsummer Farm Herbal Community.

Herbal Students are invited to various gatherings and events... And they get to shop our plant sales early! Over the years, we are becoming an ever-evolving and developing supportive and fun group of local and passionate herbalists.


Living with Herbs Registration options (choose appropriately)

Fee includes 2 of my favorite herbalism books as well as supplies.

We also have some inspirational Guest Teachers in our Living with Herbs Course! We are so excited to be expanding and enlightening the experience!  Guest Teachers Page

Classes will take place at Midsummer Farm in Warwick NY (156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990) and will move about the farm during the course of each session from the greenhouse to the kitchen to the garden beds.

This is a chronological learning experience where I share what I do with my herbs throughout the entire course of a year. Propagating, seed-starting, growing, harvesting, storing, cooking, making healing teas, tinctures, salves, and more!

For an intense herbal educational experience, this course can be taken along with our Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary Course, or with our Herbal Guild...

Course size is limited so as to provide as much hands-on experience as possible. You will be able to directly apply what we cover in the sessions in the herb garden within your own garden as we will be working directly in sync with the growing season.

Upon completion, I would like to see each participant create a herb journal with notes, drawings, and schedules for harvesting, planting, favorite pairings - basically a personalized 'materia media' that applies to your own interests, health, and family.

If you don't have space for an herb garden: As long as you love using herbs in your daily life, you will still get a lot from the course. It is certainly beneficial to know an herb in its growing environment as you use it.

Areas to be covered:

Growing herbs

  • Seed starting and propagation 
  • Designing the garden areas and your backyard's herbal culture
  • Companion planting / and combining herb and vegetable gardening / Herb neighborhoods
  • Growing with essential oil content and medicinal quality in mind
  • Biodynamic principles
  • Permaculture and farmscaping  
  • The colonial dooryard garden and exploring other traditional and creative herb garden structuresPairing herbs, harvest-time, planting style, use, etc.
  • En masse plantings for using herbs in bulk or selling herbs
  • Annual, Biennial, and Perennial methods
  • Forest and Shade plantings
  • Natives
  • Container Gardening
  • Greenhouse or conservatory herbs
  • Deepening our connections with plants
  • Pollinators, beneficial insects, native insect habitats
  • Techniques for weeding, planting, spacing, watering, soil development and maintenance, composting, animal partnerships, protecting the garden
  • Selling herbs and micro-farming herb businesses

Once you've taken this course, you be more than able to design, plant and harvest from a wonderful personalized herb garden.

Our Living with Herbs Year-Long Intensive Course is an Herbal Year at Midsummer Farm~

The focus of this course is Living with Herbs - familiarizing yourself with using them and growing them and integrating them into your daily life. Classes will be intensive - Covering a wide range of herbs and usages.

This is a great course for someone who wants to make the most of a current herb garden, for someone who wants to take his/her herb garden to the next level, or for someone who is starting from scratch and wants to build the ultimate herb garden. There is a growing demand and need for organically-grown herbs - and Herb Farm is a smart business idea. This course can help give you an idea of what types of herbs are in demand in what markets as well as how difficult or easy various herbs are to grow. We'll be discussing the environmental and cultural needs of literally hundreds of herbs.

I know many people who have an instinctual drive to collect herb plants for an herb garden, but then just don't make the most out of the herbs' presence in their lives - this course addresses that - providing lots of inspiration, information and experience. This course is also great for someone who doesn't have a herb garden, but who wants to use herbs regularly.

Classes are from 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays in 2021

12 full day sessions each year

Cost: $845.00.

We also offer a 3 payment plan of $290 each.

8th annual LIVING WITH HERBS COURSE  Starts MARCH 21st 2021