Crafting with herbs course

During these afternoon sessions, we will work with herbs from a craft and artful perspective. All sorts of fun and pretty crafts from dream pillows to compost tea bags to wreaths to beeswax candles. 

This course will be completely hands-on and you'll be going home after each session with your creations. 

4  Sessions.  1 pm - 4 pm

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Cooking with Herbs 

During these full day sessions, we will be cooking away and exploring techniques for using herbs in simple and easy recipes you can incorporate into your daily eating regime. We will also be tasting and developing new relationships and approaches to herbal flavors and how to combine and use them!

Recipes will reflect both medicinal and health-boosting tonic style recipes like our Garlic Broth as well as just plain delicious herbal dishes. Many dishes will include meat and dairy but vegan options will also be explored.

5 full-day Sessions.  10 am  - 3 pm

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Our Intensive Style Courses are designed to give participants a deeper and more in depth experience. Classes are long enough and usually include a healthy lunch to encourage socialization and building relationship between classmates. Depending on the time of year, there could also be additional opportunities for other farm open days and invitations to farm celebrations.

The Art of SOil Building:

Growing Tilth 

Two options (every other year): 

An Intensive Full Day Hands-on Workshop

or A 3-hour Overview of Soil Building Workshop

Both are all about how to fully build your soil. Building and improving your soil should be your number one priority above and beyond growing produce to harvest.

We'll be going far beyond NPK, discussing tilling and non-tilling, nourishing and nurturing your micro-herd, good fungus, compost building, mineral balances, and more....

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BEyond sustainable: Organic gardening  Course

We started offering this course in response to so many requests we've received, and we've found that it is so much fun to teach it!

This is an Organic Gardening Class geared toward people who are already gardening successfully and have experience in Organic Practices. 

We will be covering a variety of topics that take gardening to an artform! 

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Building a sustainable herbal apothecary course

Our Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary Course is 5 full-day sessions and approaches herbs according to what they would be used for. 

​The 5 Session Topics include:
1) Liver Cleansing, Detoxing, Gut & Bowel Health
2) Colds and Flus & Respiratory Health
3) External Healing & Skin Health
4) Anti-inflammatory Herbs, Bug Bites, and Allergies
​5) Hormone Balancing, Digestion and Metabolism, Stress

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BASIC Organic gardening  Course

This is a new course for 2015, and it is basically an Organic Gardening 101. This class is consists of 5 sessions. The first 3 hours are structured in content and then we will break for a field to table lunch and question and answer period of 2 hours. 

If you have been wanting to start your own organic garden, have been trying to garden organically but have been struggling, or have been gardening and want to use more organic practices and get more produce, this course would be great for you!

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Intensive style courses

Living with Herbs - An Herbal Year at Midsummer Farm 

Our Living with Herbs Course consists of 12 full-day sessions and approaches herbs in chronological order - an herbal year - propagating, sowing, growing, harvesting, storing, making of products, and how and why you would use the herbs. 

I know many people who have an instinctual drive to collect herb plants into an herb garden, but then just don't make the most out of the herbs' presence in their lives - this course addresses that - providing lots of inspiration, information and experience. 

Permaculture Design Certification Course

This is an official 72 hour certification in Permaculture Design but with our own Midsummer Farm Flair! 

Next course begins October 1st 2016.

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