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Worried that you'll miss a session or two? No problem! You can make up the class next year. We also welcome back past students to retake sessions on subjects they want to spend more time on! Or to join us for new topics! 

Homesteading Course Extra Discount Days!

For the next three days (August 13th, 14th, and 15th 2019), we are offering an extra discount for our Homesteading Course! You can get $35 off your registration, and it can be combined with the Permaculture and the Family discounts! 

A great deal for so much info and experience! This Homesteading Course is the course we wish we had available to us 20 years ago when we first started our journey with growing our own nutrient dense, clean, and respected food! 

Email us with any questions you may have! info@midsummerfarm.com

Check out the full course outline by clicking here! 

3-Day Special Discount Homesteading Registration

New subject being covered this year - Growing unusual vegetables! 

There are some vegetables that have gotten forgotten in the wake of factory farming and big distribution. But these vegetables are delicious and often easy to grow - they just don't travel well or have long shelf lives... but are perfect for the small scale homestead or they fit into a niche within a small, backyard system. We are adding a half day focus on this type of growing to this year's course! 

You can register through PayPal using this pull down menu:

Note - this special discount will only be available for the next three days - August 13th, 14th and 15th. 

All past and current students from our Permaculture Design Certification Course are eligible for the Permaculture Student discount!