growing Herbs at Midsummer Farm

and REgistration is now open for The 2021 Midsummer Farm Herbal CSA / CSM Program 

How Long do they last? 

Most of the herbal products have a very long shelf life - so you can save them for years to come. I will provide general "use-by" dates with each product. 

We are charging $45 per share box - which is $360.00.

Herbal Guild Members get the CSA for free!

Shipping is medium flat rate box cost of $15.05 per box.

Small-Batch, Hand-Made Attention   

Every product will be homemade - in small fresh batches - by me and by our Herbal Guild Members. If an herb is included in a product that is not grown right here at Midsummer Farm, it is ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. All of the other ingredients in our products are thoroughly researched and curated for cleanness, organic, fairtrade, and other ethical considerations.


The selection will always be very seasonal - a mix of herbs that are ready to be harvested and herbal solutions that address the needs of the season...

Experience and Effectiveness   

Everything will be from our large collection of herbal products we use all the time in our household and on our farm.

And I will be providing full details on the herbs as well as how to use the products you receive each pick up. These write ups will be included printed out with the products themselves. 

The CSA Details

We are going to start the Herbal CSA Program out in March this year and then do 8 share boxes throughout the course of the year. About 1 every three weeks or so! 

We are small and everything is hand-made so we can only take on 20 members.

Each share box will consist of at least 5-8 different herbal products  - and we'll do some customization  - and sometimes we will be able to add bonus seeds and plants and/or pet/farm animal/poultry products. 

The herbal products will be a mix of fresh bunches, dried herbs, dried tea mixtures, salves, tinctures, lip balms and other salve-sticks, ointments, bug repellent, refreshing face-wipes, refreshing spritzers, throat/mouth sprays, handcream/lotion, foot soaks and baths, poultice kits, massage oils, etc.

Your Herbal CSA share will include all of our most popular products such as our Herbal Greens General Salve, White Sage and Eucalyptus Lip Balm, Nervine (Carpal Tunnel) Salve, Bronchial Relief Tincture, Elecampane Tea, Berberine Anti-Bacterial Healing Ointment, Thyme Throat Spray, Lymph-Moving Tea, Chamomile and Cocoa Butter Face Stick, and more~ 

Pick Up days will be during our Guild meeting Friday afternoon and are as follows:

Share Box 1 - March 19th
Share Box 2 - April 16th  
Share Box 3 - June 4th
Share Box 4 - July 9th
Share Box 5 - August 6th
Share Box 6 - September 3rd
Share Box 7 - October 15th
Share Box 8 - November 12th

Options for getting your share

  • Pick up is at the farm on the days listed above, although other times can be arranged - let me know! 
  • If you are a Midsummer Farm Herbal Guild Member - you can pick up your CSA share on Guild Afternoons. (Guild Members automatically are CSA members for FREE!) 
  • You can also pick up your Herbal CSA share by appointment. 
  • And we can mail you your share - if you want to receive your Herbal CSA Share by mail (shipped around the pick up day listed above, depending on weather conditions) - please register here, which includes the USPS Flat Rate Box charge of $15.05 per share:

The Beginnings

We started our small but very diverse organic herb farm in 2005. And over the years, we have developed and grown our gardens, field space, greenhouse, riparian areas, and woodland to support a beautiful variety of herb plants. Our herbs are all grown using the purest of organic methods - we go way above and beyond the NOP standards in our production practices. 

Intensely Positive Growing Methods   

Our herbs are grown in plant-guild communities, where supportive and symbiotic species can thrive in the way nature intended. We've experimented with pairing up herbs to discover the dynamic relationships between species, leading to better development of nutritive values and medicinal phytochemicals such as essential oils and anti-oxidants. 

Almost all of our fertilizer and soil amendments are grown on our farm - mostly in the form of manure from our rabbits and poultry and fish, who, like our plants, are also all treated respectfully and as family members. We consider compost-making and compost-tea-making to be an art, and we see the result in the vibrant health of our plants. 

We use biodynamic methods in all our growing areas. And we work very specifically to encourage the positive energies of the plants. We raise our herbs with respect and where our relationship between ourselves and the plants is one of partnership. 

This positive and spiritual relationship to our gardens is very important to us - we wouldn't want to do an herb farm any other way - but we also see the results in our end products. The herbs we harvest are simply gorgeous and are shockingly and remarkably healing. Even processed or dried, the colors and vibrancy are clearly outstanding. And the tonics and medicines we make from them are gorgeous and super-effective. 

We finally feel like that our herb gardens have grown and developed to a point where we can offer harvested herbs for sale. We have been selling young herb plants for many years at our Big Annual Plant Sales (over 400 species and varieties!), but many perennial herbs take time to grow large enough for harvesting, especially ones which require root-harvesting, so we haven't been selling harvested herbs on any large scale until now. 

We are very excited about this new step in Midsummer Farm's development! 

Midsummer Farm Herbal CSA Program

The Midsummer Farm 2021 Herbal CSA Program    

We started our Herbal CSA Program in 2018 and will continue it again this year! We are so happy with how it has been going! This Herbal CSA has been a goal and dream of ours for many years! 

Midsummer Farm Herbal CSA Program