Besides regular eggs for eating, we do offer hatching eggs for your incubator. 

We sell hatching eggs for $10 per dozen. 


You must be prepared before picking up your eggs. Hatching eggs are like baby chicks - they are living creatures and not experiments or displays of classroom irresponsibility.

Once your chicks hatch you have to be responsible for their care. You will also have at least 50% roosters hatch out - you have to make a plan ahead of time as to what you will do with all those roosters.

We need advance notice for Hatching Egg orders.

We do not ship hatching eggs or birds. Pick up at farm only.

Your hatching eggs will be whatever breeds we currently have available - unless we say that the eggs you are purchasing are pure bred, they will most likely be a hybrid or mixed breed chicken. We have 3 roosters - a Blue Laced Red Wynadotte, a Cuckoo Marans, and an Ameraucana. Our laying hens are a very wide variety of breeds and hybrids.

We CANNOT accept the chicks/birds back after they hatch. We are not an egg rental farm. 

Contacting us via email is the best way to inquire about hatching eggs for your farm.

If we don't have hatching eggs available, we can refer you to other local organic sources. 

Hatching Eggs