Field-to-table Farm DinnerS

Throughout the coming year, we are planning to host a series of festive evenings of great eating and great companionship that we are calling our Table-in-the-Field Farm Dinners.

Almost all of our ingredients for our Farm Dinners are either grown right here at our farm or are sourced from other local and like-minded producers. We really like that our menus become a showcase of local artisanal and respectfully raised and produced food!

Our first dinner this past Midsummer's Eve was a success, and we had a blast planning and cooking!  And it turned out to be a lovely evening with a wonderful group of people! We thought that planning our first Table-in-the-Field for Midsummer's Eve was particularly apropos - our farm is called Midsummer Farm because we moved onto this piece of property at the end of July in 1998! So this dinner was a 20th anniversary celebration for us!

We've been wanting to do Table-in-the-Field Dinners for years, and we are so excited to finally be doing them! Each evening dining event will be a celebration of good people, fabulous food, the amazing diversity of vegetables that can be grown right in this area, using fresh herbs in cooking, and local farming. Come and share in the twinkling ambiance with our gardens and animals. 

Here's a list of the 4 upcoming Table-in-the-Field evenings being planned for 2019...  And we're opening now for your reservations as these events do involve a lot of planning as we grow our garden specifically for these dinner menus. Also - we can only seat a limited number of guests so reserve your spot asap!

Summer Solstice Farm Dinner - Sorry all full! 
June 22nd 2019 

Menu | Pricing | Date | Recipes | Photos

Midsummer's Eve Celebration - Sorry all full! 

July 27th 2019 

Menu | Pricing | Date | Recipes | Photos

All "Meatball" Fall Equinox Dinner

September 21st 2019

Menu | Pricing | Date | Recipes | Photos

Autumn Harvest Party 

October 19th 2019 

Menu | Pricing | Date | Recipes | Photos

The menu for each dinner event will be very different, very seasonal, and creative and fun - showing off the great vegetables and herbs that can be grown right in this local area. We always include plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. We use organic ingredients and only source animal proteins from humanely-treated and sustainable sources. 

And our Table-in-the-Field Dinners are also Farm Tours - feel free to bring your gardening and homesteading questions - and hopefully you'll find some new inspiration for your own food growing!