~Leaving a light on in your coop in the Fall and Winter is necessary. It isn't - lightbulbing your laying hens will fool your hens into not knowing winter is coming so they won't slow down in laying. They also won't molt and grow in winter feathers. You may get more eggs, but in the long run your hens won't live as long. And I believe your eggs won't be as nutrient dense as eggs from hens that were allowed the natural break.

~Chicks hatched in February will start laying in the summer/fall. Not really ... You might get a couple eggs from very productive breeds, but for the most part heritage breed chickens will all start laying in January or February of the following year whether they hatched in February or June...

~You can get lice from chicks. Not true! Lice are very species-specific. So if your chickens have lots of lice, the lice may crawl onto you, which is creepy. But they won't start living on you like human lice. And don't let your chickens get lice! Make sure your birds can dig in dry soil and take dust baths. And sprinkle clove powder in your nest boxes.

~Chickens can survive on forage alone. Maybe in southern locations... but in the North, your chickens simply won't be able to find enough food in the colder months. There is some stuff you can grow to supplement their winter diet and to provide a higher percentage of forage in warmer months; check out our Alternate Forages for Feeding Poultry.  But you will still have to buy layer pellets.

Chicken-Raising Myths - Some of the Mythological "Rules" People Seem to Believe About Raising Chickens