There may be a chill in the air, but an official celebration of the harvest as we move into the winter months is imperative for farmers! We'll arrange a cozy atmosphere around our Table-in-the-Field - with bon fires and plenty of lights and candles as the evening comes on early in October!

The menu will be cozy and warming too - with wonderful fall spices - some of which we grow ourselves in the greenhouse! And of course all the final harvested vegetables from the garden will be well-represented throughout the menu.

We are starting this dinner a tad earlier than others - at 3 pm - and will start off with appetizers in the greenhouse. 

Then just as dusk approaches, we'll get the fires lit, and we'll move out to the field for the rest of the courses.

Come and share in this evening of music, good conversation, and twinkling ambiance, in our gardens and with our animals. 

We're planning this dinner to nourish the body and soul for the winter months and to be a blast! 

Autumn Harvest Party Table-in-the-Field Farm Dinner

Menu & recipes to come! 

Table-in-the-Field Autumn Harvest Party Dinner 10/19/19

We'll start at a gentle pace around 3 pm in the greenhouse with festive fall harvest inspired tapas-style bites.
Around 5 pm, it will be time to settle down at our long Table-in-the-Field for a leisurely multi-course meal featuring the huge variety of vegetable varieties we are known for. 

Around 7 pm, we will have some of our favorite homemade desserts.

Dining Style
Dishes will be served family-style - with plenty of clearly labeled gluten-free and vegan options - passed down the table. Outdoor-feasting: There will be an abundance of dishes and flavors!

Almost all the ingredients will be from our farm - grown using the purest organic methods and grown biodynamically and respectfully. Chicken, duck, and egg proteins are all from our own home-grown birds. Other animal products will be brought in from local farmer friends who share our ethics and respectful practices as well as our idea of quality.

Taking Your Reservation/s Now! 

The price per person is $100.00 

We can only accommodate about 20 people for each Farm Dinner  -

so please reserve early to hold your spot/s!

Two ways to reserve your spot - Through our safe and easy Paypal button:

Or you can send a check through the mail - Please make checks out to Midsummer Farm. And mail to 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990 

We are eternally grateful to all our customers and supporters over the years. Thank you so much! 

Saturday, October 19th 2019 (Raindate: Sunday, October 20th)