Our All Meatball Fall Equinox Dinner is going to be a whimsical and delicious celebration of the Fall Season's arrival! 

On September 21st, we are right at the doorway to the autumn harvest with the first whispers of winter ... a great time to celebrate and be grateful, and perfect weather for eating meatballs!

Mark and I proudly consider ourselves "meatball connoisseurs." And I have been working on creating successful meatball recipes for many years! I have a huge collection of truly delicious meatball recipes - some classic and many creative and unusual - but all fulfill the meatball-comfort-food-craving! 

So I am very excited to make a whole bunch of these different meatball recipes all at the same time and share them with you! 

All "MEATBALL" Fall Equinox Table-in-the-Field Farm Dinner

Table-in-the-Field All-Meatball Fall Dinner 9/21/19

Menu & Recipes to come! 

Saturday, September 21st 2019 (Raindate: Sunday, September 22nd)

We'll start at a gentle pace around 4 pm with tours of the garden and greenhouse and farm with festive bite-sized meatballs.
Around 6 pm, it will be time to settle down at our long Table-in-the-Field for a leisurely multi-course meal. 

Around 8 pm, we will have some of our favorite homemade desserts.

Dining Style
Dishes will be served family-style - with plenty of clearly labeled gluten-free and vegan options - passed down the table. Outdoor-feasting: There will be an abundance of dishes and flavors!

Almost all the ingredients will be from our farm - grown using the purest organic methods and grown biodynamically and respectfully. Chicken, duck, and egg proteins are all from our own home-grown birds. Other animal products will be brought in from local farmer friends who share our ethics and respectful practices as well as our idea of quality.

Note - all meatballs will be gluten free; some of the dessert balls will have gluten though.

Many meatballs will be made with ground meat / chop meat. We grind all our meat here so we can guarantee clean and pure meatballs.

Not all our meat balls will have meat - some will be fish based, some eggplant based, and others will break completely out of the expected meatball mold (but keeping the shape as inspiration)!  

As with all our Table-in-the-Field Dinners, this Fall Equinox Farm Dinner will feature mostly our own organic produce and herbs and meats and other products from super-ethical, humane, and sustainable local sources.

Taking Your Reservation/s Now! 

The price per person is $100.00 

We can only accommodate about 20 people for each Farm Dinner  -

so please reserve early to hold your spot/s!

Two ways to reserve your spot - Through our safe and easy Paypal button:

Or you can send a check through the mail - Please make checks out to Midsummer Farm. And mail to 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990 

We are eternally grateful to all our customers and supporters over the years. Thank you so much!