I was brought up thinking outside the box and only eating organic and non-chemical, non-poisonous foods. But I started to realize that I also deeply appreciated the flavors of these naturally-produced foods and traditionally-prepared foods. And the more of a 'foodie' I became, the more I wanted to take it to another level and grow my own food. 

My husband, Mark, and I started Midsummer Farm in 2005. I started taking courses in organic and biodynamic agriculture and permaculture - pursuing the sustainable and artisanal small farm concept. We became Certified Organic (2005-2019) and Certified Animal Welfare Approved (2009-2018). And after a lot of experimentation, Midsummer Farm now focuses on propagating and selling Plants and Seedlings, growing heirloom vegetables, raising poultry in a respectful manner, and giving workshops, courses, and tours designed to not only teach but also inspire others to start small farms or create 'artisanal backyards.' 

Our Plant and Seedling Sales are all about inspiration and obsession. I actively seek out new varieties and collect unusual plants. I work to propagate these collectible and fun plants and varieties and now in my 15th year selling plants I am offering over 1200 varieties of perennial, natives, herbs, and heirloom vegetables.

Besides continuing my passion for teaching, I have also continued using writing as a way to share and inspire. I am currently working on a new information-rich website and two new books. I have written a book on Making Homemade Pet Food, and I regularly publish a Newsletter about Midsummer Farm and about healthy artisanal eating, growing, and living. I also do freelance writing in subjects and for companies that I feel passionate about. 



Barbara Taylor-Laino is co-owner and co-founder of Midsummer Farm in Warwick, NY. She is a full time farmer and primary instructor/teacher at Midsummer Farm.  

One of my first loves in life was teaching. I also always loved art and language, and as an undergraduate, I double majored in Literature and Fine Art with teaching certification. I went on to get a Master's in English and from there started teaching college English and working in publishing, specifically in college text books.