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Two-Payment Option:

You can also pay in two payments of $496 each. First payment is due with registration and the second is due October 15th.

Schedule of Payments:

First Payment due with registration

2nd due 10/6

3rd due 11/10

4th due 12/8

5th due 1/5 

When we receive your first payment, you'll be officially registered, and I will send you out the text book asap! 

Five Payment Option - 2019/2020 Permaculture Design Course
PDC Registration Split Payment Option

We do offer a 5-Payment Option for those who need it!

We split up the registration cost into 5 payments of $200. The schedule for the 5 payments is below...

(Please note that this is the most difficult way for us to reconcile our course-related expenses, but we wanted to provide this as an option as we don't want anyone to feel they cannot afford this course!‚Äč)

Pay here, using our PayPal Drop-Down Menu, or you can pay by check or cash in person