*Tree Herbalism

*Herbal CSA Program

Get a taste of our home-crafted and locally and organically grown herbal preparations and products on a monthly basis! Our herbs are grown in a respectful environment right here in Warwick, NY and crafted into safe and effective healing salves, soothing balms, medicinal tinctures, tasty teas, and more. As an herbal CSA member, you'll collect 5-6 different herbal products each month!

Take a look at the details here...

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*Midsummer Farm Herbal Guild Membership 

The Midsummer Farm Herbal Guild is a group of herb-loving people who will be meeting here on Friday afternoons to work on a huge variety of herbal projects - really hands-on...  Guild members are basically working members of Midsummer Farm and a big part of the herbal structure of the farm.

Guild Members will also be automatically registered for our new Herbal CSA Program for free! 

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A 3-day workshop focusing on using trees as medicines. Trees are majestive and powerful plants - they could be seen as the old souls of the plant world. Brimming with amazing energy, trees offer healing that is intrinsically and beautifully distinct from other herbs. 

We will be discussing the classic tree-herbs as well as other locally growing trees that can be used medicinally. We will be exploring how to use them in traditional herbalism as well as from an energetic perspective. We'll also be exploring trees from the perspective of their ancient role and relationship with human beings.

Workshop is spread across the 3 main time periods of seasonal tree growth.

Timing is 1 to 3 pm.

Takes place on Thursdays - May 26th, June 23rd, and July 21st  2022

​$108.00  - Register here.

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*the 2022 season!

*Midsummer Farm continues its evolution and its land's productivity with herbs in 2022.

In 2022, our goal is to further support and build our herbal plantings, strengthen the energy of our gardens using herbs, build on our herbal product lines, and invigorate and enhance our local herbal community. 

*Fun and effective ways to learn about using and growing and knowing herbs... both for beginners and experienced herb growers and users!

Our Herbal Education here is all about experiencing the herbs - hands on -meeting the growing living plants...

*Taking herbal classes here is a great herbal experience, and you'll acquire a wealth of practical experience as well as knowledge on how to start using herbs in your daily life or to address and prevent health issues. Come prepared to absorb lots of info! I do arrange the class days in ways that I hope allow for the best absorption and retention of the info and you go home with thorough handouts that you can use for future reference.  

Students are also finding that taking the herbal courses here, along with courses from an on-line school, makes their education in herbalism more memorable and comprehensive... There'll be some repetition, but that helps the info sink in deeply. And you get to touch, feel, smell, and meet the herb plants growing here and work directly with them in a hands-on way as you learn.

Herb Plant & Seedling Sale 2022

As always - we will continue to expand our herbal offerings! More herb varieties than ever! 

We're introducing over 40 new species and varieties of herbs  - both medicinal and culinary! And more of each species and variety! 

NOTE -If you are looking for something rare and unusual - please come by early or email us as we tend to sell out...

Every year we expand our selection of herb plants available for sale. You'll see my obsessions and the herbs I'm studying and working with reflected in the sale. Each year is different - but it is always bigger!

Last year, we started to bring in new herb signage for the sale, with info on using the herbs as well as planting - so even if an herb is new to you, you may be inspired to add it to your garden.

We want the plant sale to be a learning experience, introducing everyone to the amazing array of medicinal and culinary plants that can be grown in this area. 

We usually organize our herbs in alphabetical order, but this year, we will be grouping them according to use and type as well! 

Plant Sale Page 

Tree Herbalism Workshop Registration

3 days 
Advanced Registration is Required

An Herbal Community
Not only do you gain a solid understanding and plan for using herbs in supporting the health and well-being of your household, but you also become a part of our Midsummer Farm Herbal Community.

Herbal Students are invited to various gatherings and events... And they get to shop our plant sales early! Over the years, we are becoming an ever-evolving and developing supportive and fun group of local and passionate herbalists.


Crafting with herbs Workshop

Four afternoon sessions - we will work with herbs from a craft and artful perspective.

Depending on what herbs are available seasonally, we will do an assortment of herbal crafts including things such as dream pillows, wreathes, beeswax candles scented with essential oils, herbal vinegars, bath mixes, catnip mice, tea bags, thyme-roofed pollinator or bird houses, lamb's ear terra cotta, and dying fibers with herbs. 

Workshop days will be completely hands-on and you'll be going home after each session with your creations. 

4  Sessions - 1 pm - 4 pm

$220.00 per person; all materials are included in price 

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Cooking with Herbs INTENSIVE COURSE

During these full day sessions, we will be cooking away and exploring techniques for using herbs in simple and easy recipes you can incorporate into your daily eating regime. We will also be tasting and developing new relationships and approaches to herbal flavors and how to combine and use them!

Recipes will reflect both medicinal and health-boosting tonic style recipes like our Garlic Broth as well as just plain delicious herbal dishes. Many dishes will include meat and dairy but vegan options will also be explored.

5  Sessions.  11 pm - 2 pm

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Articles and resources

We will be continuing to update and add ... if you would like to be notified when we do a major update, please sign up for our free email newsletter.

Some of our Currently available 

articles and videos:



Making Medicinal Herbal Teas  

Our Poultry Apothecary 

Thistles –Artichokes, Cardoons, Milk Thistle, Blessed Thistle, and others...

Poultry and Elecampane Root

Growing Marjoram (video)

Wildcrafting Yarrow (video)

Our comprehensive Herbalism Program at Midsummer Farm is always evolving. (Currently all of our workshops and courses are held in person at the farm.)

We will have a wide selection of fun 2-hour workshops on various herbal topics planned for this season

Herb Farm Tours - we're re-focusing our schedule to be able to host more tours and walks of our herb growing spaces. 

  • Weed Walk - Looking for Wild Herbs!  - June 12th 2022, 1 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Herbal Spaces Tour  - July 23rd 2022, 1 pm - 2:30 pm

For more info, click here! 

AND we also offer an intensive set of courses and experiences that will develop your knowledge and experience as an herbalist ... take a look at our new, as well as our tried & tested Herbal Offerings below...

Building a sustainable herbal apothecary


Our Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary Course is 5 full-day sessions and approaches herbs according to what they would be used for. 

​The 5 Session Topics include:

  1. Liver Cleansing, Detoxing, Gut & Bowel Health
  2. Colds and Flus & Respiratory Health
  3. External Healing & Skin Health
  4. Anti-inflammatory Herbs, Bug Bites, and Allergies
  5. ​Hormone Balancing, Digestion and Metabolism, Stress

*9Th Annual Living with HerbS course

Join Us for an intensive Herbal Saeson at Midsummer Farm 

Our Living with Herbs Course consists of 10 full-day sessions and approaches herbs in chronological order - an herbal year - propagating, sowing, growing, harvesting, storing, making of products, and how and why you would use the herbs. 

I know many people who have an instinctual drive to collect herb plants into an herb garden, but then just don't make the most out of the herbs' presence in their lives - this course addresses that - providing lots of inspiration, information and experience. 

Herbal Primer:

    25-30 Important and Easy to Grow Herbs for your Herb Garden

3 sessions, from 10 am to 12 noon. This class is for the beginning and developing herb garden grower. We'll discuss how to grow, harvest, and use 25-30 herbs that no herb garden should be without. All of these herbs are easy to grow and fun to use in cooking, teas, salads, and as medicinals. A great way to get inspiration and plan your spring herb garden! Workshop takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $108 | Current Schedule | Registration  

2022 Herbal Programs aT Midsummer Farm