We are excitedly propagating and growing out the plants for our 2022 Plant and Seedling Sale.  

 We have a huge selection of herbs and native perennials as well as vegetable and garden plants. All are grown organically and vibrantly healthy.  ​

To make sure shopping is safe, we are setting it up online with drive-through pick up by appointment. Most orders can be picked up within 48 hours. We may also do a hybrid sale with in-person shopping as well - please stay tuned!

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Our new 2022 Permaculture Course will be starting

June 11th 2022 - we are currently raking registrations! 


Expand and develop your knowledge and experience with our workshops on Growing Herbs, Herbalism, Organic Gardening, Biodynamics, and Permaculture!


Midsummer Farm 2022 Plant Nursery

 Order On-Line, Drive-Through Pick Up

Our full range of plants - including warm weather vegetables and herbs like tomatoes and basils - are now all up in our On-Line Store. Orders can be picked up here at the farm starting May 16th.

Welcome to Midsummer Farm!

We are a teaching farm, an herb farm, a homestead, and a plant and seedling nursery. We practice a special form of food production based on and inspired by natural patterns and ecosystems which celebrates and actively makes use of diversity, connectedness, and revitalization. We specialize in holistic health and gardening education, workshops, growing herbs, and herbal healing. Everything we do is beyond-organic, artisanal in practice, and restorative to the land, the animals, and people.

​​We are driven to teach and share this successful model of food production, and to do so, we offer intensive and hands-on educational courses, and a series of workshops and personal consultation services on topics in Permaculture, Herbalism, Organic Gardening, Biodynamics, and Holistic and Integrative Nutrition.

Unlike so many information sources out there right now, we are teaching toward the small scale grower and food producer. Not just talking theories or simply cutting large scale principles down, but pursuing small scale realities - truly making backyards and micro-farms and homesteads productive and fulfilling.​ 

Sharing our journey of growing and eating good food, living artistically with nature, and using herbs and nutrition to live happily & healthfully.​