A note on Midsummer Farm Workshops:

Classes are taught from a strictly Holistic and Organic standpoint. Class size is kept small to ensure individual attention. Fees include all materials and supplies needed. Children are welcome; children under 5 are free. If more than one person from a single household is taking the workshop together, the second person may deduct $5 from the cost of the workshop. Many classes take place outside in the gardens and are weather-permitting. Participants must register in advance. Cooking classes take place in the farm kitchen or in the greenhouse and are hands-on; tasting is encouraged. NOTE: times and dates of workshops are subject to change.

*** UPDATED 4/22/14 ***

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We'll be running workshops again soon - we're just really caught up in planting and transplanting and trying to catch up with this crazy spring!

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NEW!!! Beyond Sustainable: Organic Gardening Course

A 5-Session Hands-On Experience in growing your own nutrient-dense food, organically, abundantly, intensively, and beyond sustainbly.

This course covers all the major aspects of growing food organically that have successfully been working for us, here at Midsummer Farm.

When taking this course, you'll experience a comprehensive and hands on learning opportunity in how to grow organic food. We have been certified organic since 2005 and we follow all the National Organic Program rules. However we also go way above and beyond the standard organic standards, producing an abundance of food on a small footprint of land and designing our growing program using nature as a guide and inspiration. We used to say we garden sustainably, but now we find ourselves feeling compelled and even encouraged by the natural balance we've achieved to go beyond sustainable, and we garden to enhance vitality so we can address the toxic environment that we find ourselves in as a culture. The garden becomes a sanctuary, an expression of art, a healing force for the earth, and more... A garden should not be about the work you put into it or the harvest, but rather about the process itself.

This workshop is taught by Barbara Taylor-Laino, who has been growing food organically since the 1970's. She has extensively studied and researched in Biodynamic, Bio-intensive gardening, Permaculture-styled food production systems, etc., but she has also actively experimented and implemented this information in real-world environments. She has been gardening for and consulting on various levels and sizes of food production enterprises for over 10 years and running her own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm since 2006. This Course takes place at her farm, Midsummer Farm, in Warwick, NY, about 1 hour from New York City.

Midsummer Farm has been being run as a CSA farm, a plant and seedling nursery, and as a teaching and demonstration farm. The main gardening practices or styles are unique to this farm, but are applicable from a raised 8x10' bed in a suburban backyard, to a community garden endeavor, to a rooftop garden in a city, to a micro-farm, to any multi-acred production farm... they are a combination of great food production techniques that work together to restore fertility, revitalize the land, and that create abundance. This course is a great accompaniment to a PDC or Permaculture Design Certificate Course.

Cost of the 5-Session Program is $395.00; if you register before 5/15/14 price is discounted to $375.00

We're offering two different sessions of this course - one on weekdays and one on weekends:

Weekday Session Dates:

Friday, May 30th Friday, June 6th Friday, June 27th Friday, July 25th Friday, August 8th

Weekend Session Dates:

Saturday, June 28th Saturday, July 5th Saturday, July 26th Saturday, August 9th Saturday, August 23rd

Classes run from 10 am to 3 pm

Registration options (please choose appropriately)

General Outline of the Five Sessions

(In an effort to provide the best learning experience, this schedule is subject to change depending on weather and other natural factors.)

Session One:

Designing with Nature Plotting and Planning the Garden Layout Choosing What to Grow Restoring and Enhancing the Fertility Timing of Planting, Timing of Harvesting Garden Soil Structures: Raised Beds, Double Digging, No-Till, Containers Soil Building - Gardening for the Soil - Creating Tilth Vermiculture Gardening for Worms Green Manures - Spring, Summer, Autumn

Session Two:

Seed Starting Transplanting and Setting out Crop Rotation Grafting Soft-Stems (tomatoes) Cool vs Warm-Weather Vegetables Succession Planting Growing Insectaries - Gardening for Bugs Companion planting Growing for Nutrient Density/Mind and Body Wellness Mulching Herbs and Teas and Foliar Sprays for the Garden

Session Three:

Inter-cropping Green Manures Staking and Trellising - Making use of Vertical Space Weeding and Hoeing - Weeds are Useful Direct Sowing Using Water Well Rhythms of Nature - Timing Biodynamic Preps Pest Control and Prevention through Balance

Session Four:

Fungus - Good and Bad Micro-climates Composting - Various Types of Piles Animals and Manures and Vedic or "Veganic" Growing Forest and Shade Gardening Perennial Vegetables and Sustainable Food Crops Berries Staple Crops - Growing Calories - Gardening for Resiliency Dooryard Gardening

Session Five:

Second Spring - July Planting for Fall Harvests Autumn Varieties vs Spring Varieties of Vegetables Season Extending Practices - Row Cover, Cold Frames, High Tunnels, Greenhouses Seed Saving 'Curing' your Harvests Processing and Storage Cover Cropping - Throughout Growing Season and as Winter Green Manures Producing money as well as food? Micro-farming, Market Gardening, Maraīcher Farming, CSA Programs, etc.


Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary 5-Session Course

Summer 2014

In this intensive course, you'll be building your own herb-based household health plan, as well as your own herbal medicine cabinet, beauty spa, and emotional well-being resource. Along with delving into natural herbal approaches to healing and vital health, each session will also involve how to grow and maintain a plentiful and abundant herb garden as well as how to harvest, store, and make use of the herbs you grow effectively. This is also a great opportunity to plan and experiment with what herbs you will want to grow in the spring and plan for your herb garden.

Empower yourself and Naturalize your household with 5 Intensive All-day Classes!

We're offering two different sessions of this course - one on weekdays and one on weekends:

Weekday Session Dates:

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