A note on Midsummer Farm Workshops:

Classes are taught from a strictly Holistic and Organic standpoint. Class size is kept small to ensure individual attention. Fees include all materials and supplies needed. Children are welcome; children under 5 are free. If more than one person from a single household is taking the workshop together, the second person may deduct $5 from the cost of the workshop. Many classes take place outside in the gardens and are weather-permitting. Participants must register in advance. Cooking classes take place in the farm kitchen or in the greenhouse and are hands-on; tasting is encouraged. NOTE: times and dates of workshops are subject to change.

*** UPDATED 9/2/14 ***

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Late Summer / Early Fall Workshop Registrations:

You can register for a workshop either using the Paypal drop down menu or by simply clicking here:

Workshop Registration Form

Please download and print out the form, fill it out, and send it, with your check to:

Midsummer Farm, 156 East Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990


Cooking with Dark Leafy Greens - The #1 Missing Ingredient in Today's Diets!

Friday, September 5th 2014, 11 am - 1 pm

We will demonstrate a wide range of ways to use dark leafy greens of all types. You will leave feeling empowered to live more healthily with a solid collection of great recipes. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged - Cost is $36 ($39.50 online)| EMAIL US IF INTERESTED ! SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Legumes!!! Cooking with Beans Workshop

Sunday, September 7th 2014, 10 am - 12 noon

Beans are one of those things that can make a huge difference in your health and well-being just by adding them to your weekly eating plan. And we'll go over a bunch of different ways to integrate them into your every day life easily. This workshop will lead to better overall health. Beans have been missing from the typical American diet and people have strange opinions of them, but they are delicious, easy to digest when prepared properly, and nourishing on many, many levels. We'll do a selection of fabulous bean dips, refreshing bean salads (great for packing for work or school lunches), and a big variety of other recipes which will integrate beans in easy and tasty ways! Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged - Cost is $36 ($39.50 online)| Registration closes 9/4/14

Dressing Your Salad - Creating Dressings Workshop

Friday, September 12th 2014, 11 am - 1 pm

This time of year, especially in a nice cool summer like this one has been, we harvest lots of great salad greens and sometimes need some new ideas and flavors in our dressings for spicing them up! Bottled salad dressing is one of the biggest wastes of money - they are overpriced and usually full of corn syrup, cheap oils, and chemical preservatives, not to mention that most of them are sold in dangerous plastic bottles. It is SO EASY and QUICK to make your own dynamic and health-promoting salad dressings and that what we'll do together in this workshop. You'll go home with a new set of recipes and the skills for designing your own new recipes. I believe the dressing should add nutrition and balance to the greens - the fats and proteins help the nutrients and minerals in the greens get fully absorbed and metabolized by the body. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged - Cost is $36 ($39.50 online)| Registration closes 9/9/14

Late Summer / Early Fall Workshop Registrations:

Herbs for your Pets!

Friday, September 26th 2014, 11 am - 1 pm

Using herbs and super whole foods for resolving common issues, for the prevention and healing of diseases, and for maintaining optimal health and well-being. This workshop focuses on both cats and dogs and maybe a bit on chickens and other animals. And we'll discuss the herbs themselves as well as how ot best use them, from food supplementation to tinctures and salves. Workshop takes place in the kitchen at Midsummer Farm | Cost is $40 ($42.50 online) | Registration closes 9/23/14

Making Homemade Dog & Cat Food Workshop

Sunday, September 28th 2014, 10 am - 12 noon

Featured in the NY Times! Check out the article here! And we were just featured in Orange Magazine! (Page 53) Check it out online here!

Healthier, Economical, Delicious. Either as a supplementary meal or as your pets' regular diet, homemade food is better, safer, and easy to make. We will mix up a batch of balanced food using raw chicken as a base. We'll go over tons of options in food bases - raw vs cooked, various nutritional additions, dogs vs cats, special needs pets, and discuss the wide range of commercial diets and brands. You'll take home recipes, a clearer knowledge of the commercial pet food available, and resources for suppliers. We'll also make up a wonderful whole foods supplement that you can add to a commercial diet using higher quality ingredients and for a lot less money than the fancy brand names. Even if you're not ready to switch over completely to a homemade diet, you'll get a lot from this workshop. Workshop takes place in the farm kitchen | Cost is $48 ($52.50 online)| Registration closes 9/24/14

My Top Ten Most Effective Ways to Regain Your Vital Health and Energy!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014, 10 am to 12 pm

This 2 hour workshop is a brief but intense run down of my top ten best and most effective ways to improve your health, reduce your chances of disease, increase your energy, regain your optimal weight and body image, and increase your hormonal well being. You can use this 2 hour workshop as a great jumping off for developing a new routine of eating and living. I strongly urge anyone who takes this workshop to start immediately integrate these simple routines into their lives - don't put it off even one day! This workshop will also give you a preview of how I conduct my longer holistic health courses and personal health coaching sessions. Workshop takes place in the farm kitchen | Cost is $36 ($39.50 online)| Registration closes 9/30/14

Backyard Organic Poultry Rearing Workshop

Saturday, October 4th, 10 am - 12 noon

For anyone who has dreamed of walking out to your own chicken coop and collecting fresh eggs for breakfast, this course will guide you through starting up your own flock and in organic and natural rearing methods. We will discuss all of our secrets to Organic chicken care that we have discovered over the years. Chickens are wonderful stewards of the earth; and kept in proper conditions, chickens are valuable assets to the garden, lawn, and compost pile. They also provide backyard joy. They are easy to take care of, are not noisy or smelly, and are an important part of the Organic garden. (Please be sure to check with your town to make sure that chickens are allowed where you live.) Cost is $36 ($39.50 online)| Registration closes 9/30/14

Late Summer / Early Fall Workshop Registrations:


Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary 5-Session Course

Autumn 2014

In this intensive course, you'll be building your own herb-based household health plan, as well as your own herbal medicine cabinet, beauty spa, and emotional well-being resource. Along with delving into natural herbal approaches to healing and vital health, each session will also involve how to grow and maintain a plentiful and abundant herb garden as well as how to harvest, store, and make use of the herbs you grow effectively. This is also a great opportunity to plan and experiment with what herbs you will want to grow in the spring and plan for your herb garden.

Empower yourself and Naturalize your household with 5 Intensive All-day Classes!

We're offering two different sessions of this course - one on weekdays and one on weekends:

Weekday Session Dates:

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