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Beetles !

Most of the world's beetles are 'good bugs' - they act as predators or their larva do, eating thousands of 'bad bugs.' Here's some tips on growing banks of native grasses, which provide Good Beetles with housing and protection.

Alternatives to Growing Spinach

You may have tried growing spinach and found it frustrating - spinach can be tricky when temperatures fluctuate like they do here in NY State. But there are tasty and rewarded alternatives! 

More Information on varieties and types of plants we Sell

Please visit again soon, as we will be updating these variety listings throughout the winter ....

Figs - a great "alternative" fruit!

Figs are fun and easy to grow. They do need to be brought indoors for the winter though! I grow figs in large pots in the greenhouse and usually end up with a plentiful amount of figs. We have a variety of types of figs for sale at our Plant Sales. None require the wasp-pollinator; they are all self-pollinating. 

Please be aware that we are a small farm and that we cannot grow a ton of everything. But we do make the best effort possible to decide what to grow a lot of! But unfortunately, we end up selling out of certain things, sometimes at our first weekend. 

Also, nature has the last word here, and sometimes despite our best efforts, things don't germinate and other things get eaten. So, please take that into consideration while viewing these lists. And please feel free to let me know - especially if you are traveling a distance - that you're particularly interested in a certain variety! 

Plant Obsessions...

Ferns and Woodland Medicinals from our Fernery

Foxgloves Page (TO COME)

Some of the Stuff We're Most Excited About for 2018! (TO COME)

Fancy Plant Focus  - Carpeting and Covering Plants, Mosses, and Fuzzies! (Page to come!) 

Crazy-Ass Plants for 2018 Sale (page to come) 

Plant Variety Listings

Each year we grow more plants and expand our selection. We are always trying new things and adding varieties to our collections and plant obsessions. 

2018 marks our  Twelfth Annual Plant and Seedling Sale

We are currently offering over 850 varieties of various plants and seedlings including berries, herbs, natives, shrubs, small trees, perennials, annuals, ferns, and tons of vegetables and greens!