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Our Herb Farm continues to grow in 2014! Please visiat again soon or sign up for our email newsletter for more info as this page is being totally revamped with tones of new content and useful info!

We are currently planting a new section in our wooded area that will be an environment for a group of rarer medicinal native shade plants. We are really excited about this new little ecosystem we will be developing! Our big plan is to get these natives to establish themselves comfortably and eventually we will be able to share some. The wooded native garden will also feature some imported pheasants for color and contrast!

We offer over 400 varieties of herb plants.


Our herbs are grown in diverse plantings that incorporate traditional companion planting concepts along with modern space-saving ideas. This supportive plant community is also made of native plants and flowers. They are grown using our own top quality compost created using materials from our farm. This diverse environment and strong support system allows the herbs to thrive and truly become what they are meant to be. This vigor can be appreciated in their strong scents, full flavors, and well-balanced levels of medicinal qualities.

Herb plants are available throughout the growing season, but the largest selection will be available in May and June.

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See our 2014 Variety Listing of Available Herbs!

We are members of United Plant Savers and offer native medicinal herbs that have been recognized as At-Risk. Please be responsible when purchasing these plants and care for them carefully.