Our flock is a paradigm of good health; we have never had to use antibiotics or chemicals. This is all a part of how we ensure the circularity and sustainability of our farm and land.

The flock itself is made up of heritage breeds of chickens including Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, Cuckoo Marans, Barred Plymouth Rock, Partridge Rock, Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, and Silver-Laced Wynadotte poultry. By nurturing these special breeds, we are adding to the artisanal quality and diversity of our farm, and we are able to put together gorgeous combinations of various shades of white, green, pink, and brown eggs! This coming year we are starting a breeding program of pure-bred high quality Cuckoo Marans, Salmon Favarolle, and Speckled Sussex chickens along with a great mixed array of our ameraucana green-tinted egg layers.


Our chickens, as well as the land that they range on is Certified USDA Organic and Certified Naturally Grown. We are dedicated to making sure that our birds get to experience all the things that make birds feel fulfilled. Their ranging territory is diverse providing interest and the ability to truly forage for what they need. We allow hens to become broody, set their own eggs, and care for their own chicks. We have a variety of ages on the ground, young pullets mixing with the mature hens, being able to establish relationships and hierarchies normal to chickens. We never cull older non-laying hens. Part of the egg price you are paying for with these eggs is to help feed the older non-producing birds, who deserve to live out their lives naturally and in peace.

Also, besides being USDA Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown, our eggs and flock are now be certified under the Animal Welfare Approved label. We felt that the other two certifications didn�t demand the level of humane animal care that we believe in. Animal Welfare Approved has the strictest standards for humane animal care in the country, and we want to support them and be a part of their organization. Animal Welfare Approved Site

Beyond the natural diet of insects and diverse vegetation our hens get while ranging, the grain we feed our birds is always certified organic, local, and never genetically modified. This high-quality food insures that the eggs will also be of high quality. These eggs have extremely dense yellow yolks. They are not only naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids and a bounty of other nutrients, but they are also the epitome of the goodness of fulfilled and happy hens. Enjoy!

Why aren't Midsummer Farm eggs available all year round?

Eggs are actually seasonal. Hens that are truly outside in pasture realize winter is on the way by the daylight hours waning and temperature dropping, and they start molting their feathers and growing in new winter feathers. Also, for a hen, eggs are not just for our breakfast, they are for producing babies - chicks. And any good, naturally-raised mother hen knows she doesn't want babies in the cold of winter. So hens wait until they see the daylight hours getting longer again, and then they start laying eggs again for Spring chicks! We usually can start selling eggs again in February, which is when our Winter CSA sessions starts up again.

Photo of a red and brown chicken walking among grasses and clover
Close-up of a pied black and white chicken standing on fallen autumn leafs
Photo of a black chicken standing tall on mowed grass
Photo of a golden brown chicken standing on hey on a porch, looking out across a lawn
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Photo of a gold, tan and brown hen sitting on her eggs on a sofa outside on a porch
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EGG AVAILABILITY UPDATE: The Hens are now laying in earnest for the spring! So we currently have eggs for sale. You can purchase them by signing up for an egg CSA share or by emailing us and we'll arrange a time for you to pick them up.

Our Eggs can also be purchased at the Hungry Hollow Co-Op in Chestnut Ridge, NY and at Harvest Moon Health Food store in West Milford, NJ.

Consider signing up for this year's Egg CSA Subscription - we are currently accepting subscriptions! Click here for info and our CSA registration form!

Eggs are $9.00 dozen.

Photo of Midsummer Farm eggs in a basket: dark brown, medium brown, light brownish peach, green and white eggs
Midsummer Farm Hens - Eggs from fulfilled and happy hens living in a naturally sustainable environment...

The hens that do such a wonderful job laying eggs at Midsummer Farm are treated as family members. They are respected as living, feeling beings and thus enjoy spending the entire day ranging in about 3 acres of pasture, woods, wild meadow, & riparian areas all of which are organically maintained. They are only cooped up at night for their protection; the coop is maintained using a deep-bedding method where composting starts in the bedding itself. The manure is treasured for the wonderful compost it makes and is used on the farm to grow our vegetables. Our flock is a paradigm of good health; we have never had to use antibiotics or chemicals. This is all a part of how we ensure the circularity and sustainability of our farm and land.