Cut Flowers
Our flowers are definitely not what you find in most florists - we specialize in the unusual, the dramatic, and the artistic. We offer country-style farm bouquets arranged with herbal foliage and dramatic more cutting-edge arrangments.

Organic flowers address the core purpose of organic production: to enrich the Earth. Your support encourages more growers to convert to organic practices and to reduce toxic chemical usage in the world!

Organic is better! The floral industry uses the highest level of pesticides of all agricultural sectors. And, according to Harper’s Magazine in 2001, since the majority of flowers we buy originate abroad, this can include U.S.-banned pesticides such as DDT. These chemicals may even remain on bouquets long enough to rub off on your skin or be inhaled. When the Environmental Working Group tested a small sample of roses in 1997, they found residues of several pesticides at up to 50 times the amounts allowed in food. So non-organic flowers can be particularly dangerous!
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