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Backyard Organic Poultry Rearing Workshop

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Sunday, June 18th 2017

10 am - 12 noon 
Advanced Registration is Required | Registration closes 6/15/17

Two ways to register:

1) $36.00 - Click here to register for this workshop using our downloadable form and send with check by regular mail. This workshop costs $36/person.

2) Or you can register online ($38.50 with fee) and pay using PayPal:

Backyard Organic Poultry Rearing Workshop Registration

Eleventh Annual Plant and Seedling Sale

Two encore openings:

Saturday, May 27th - 9 am to 12 noon
Thursday,  June 1st - 1 pm to 3 pm

This is our Big Farm Event of the year! We will have our full variety of certified organic plants and seedlings available. Over 200 different varieties of heirloom and hybrid vegetables, over 300 culinary and medicinal herbs, plus annual flowers, native and pollinator-friendly flowers, over 20 different ferns, native woodland medicinals, unusual and collectible perennials! 

Every year we grow more and more of each variety, and we add over a hundred fun new varieties of herbs, veggies, annual flowers, natives, and perennials! All kinds of great things for your summer vegetable and herb gardens!

We also have rare and hard-to-find herbs and perennials for those of you with more eccentric tastes. And we added a lot more berry plants to our offerings this year. 3 different types of strawberries, red and purple raspberries, a wonderful medicinal black berry, gogi berries, aronias, grapes, mulberries, black and red currants, kiwis, and more. We will also have plenty of baby figs! 

We are offering our usual huge assortment of certified organic plants and seedlings! The plants and seedlings this year are looking really great!

Our herb selection is comprehensive  - both culinary and medicinal and even a lot of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs are being offered this year! Everything from Agrimony to Zaatar Oregano!!

More blooming flowers than ever before! 

And more "Crazy" Plants like Bananas and Gingers and Gorgeous Unusual Flowers to brighten your garden spaces. 

Check out our Variety Listings and our Plant Sale Page for more info! 

Two ways to register:

1) $145.00 - Click here to register for this workshop using our downloadable form and send with check by regular mail. 

2) Or you can register online ($149.50 with fee) and pay using PayPal:

Seed Starting Workshops

Missed taking our Seed Starting Workshop in person? Take it online! You can view the videos and content at your own pace and feel free to ask me any questions you may have! 

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The Art of Soil Building Full Day Course

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Sunday, June 4th 2017, 10 am to 3 pm

10 am - 3 pm

Advanced Registration is Required | Registration closes 6/2/17

These workshops are taught by Barbara Taylor-Laino, who has been growing food organically since the 1970's. She has extensively studied and researched in Biodynamic, Bio-intensive gardening, Permaculture-styled food production systems, etc., but she has also actively experimented and implemented this information in real-world environments. She has been gardening for and consulting on various levels and sizes of food production enterprises for over 10 years, growing for extensive plant & seedling sales for 9 years, and running her own certified organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm since 2006. These courses and workshops take place at her farm, Midsummer Farm, in beautiful Warwick, NY, about 1 hour from New York City.  

Midsummer Farm is a CSA farm, a plant and seedling nursery, and a teaching and demonstration farm. The main gardening practices or styles are unique to this farm, but are applicable from a raised 8x10' bed in a suburban backyard, to a community garden endeavor, to a rooftop garden in a city, to a micro-farm, to any multi-acred production farm... They are a combination of great food production techniques that work together to restore fertility, revitalize the land, and that create abundance. 

UPDATED spring events at midsummer Farm 2017

Refund Policies:

If you register for a workshop, but cannot make it to the class... we understand - things happen.

But please do give us the courtesy of a call or email letting us know that cannot make it! Especially during the growing season every minute counts for us - and we often run workshops with very few participants. So we may find ourselves first getting all prepped and ready for you and then sitting around waiting for you to show up. This is a very hurtful waste of farming time. So do let us know if you aren't going to show up! 

We will usually be able to let you use the workshop fee as a credit toward another workshop or for when the original workshop you signed up for runs again. We CANNOT offer a credit if you don't give us at least a day's notice that you won't be able to attend. OUR POLICY IS NO REFUNDS.


We usually send out an email reminder a day or so before the workshop. If there is bad weather or a cancellation for some other reason, we will let you know through email.


Organic farming workshops and education as well as courses on using and growing herbs at our farm in Warwick, NY and on-line.

This page is regularly updated to reflect the current offerings and open days at Midsummer Farm.

Events and Workshops are listed below in chronological order. Dates are subject to change!​

A note on Midsummer Farm Workshops: 
Classes are taught from a strictly Holistic and Organic standpoint. Class size is kept small to ensure individual attention. Fees include all materials and supplies needed. Children are welcome; children under 5 are free. If more than one person from a single household is taking the workshop together, the second person may deduct $5 from the cost of the workshop.

Participants must register in advance for workshops. 

Please see our notes at the bottom of the page on refunds/cancellations...

More on our farm

Current Schedule and Calendar 

If a workshop is not currently on schedule to run, but you are interested in taking it -  please feel free to send us an email and let us you are interested!

Also, we love feedback! Please send us your thoughts and reviews of our workshops!