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Simple and Easy Pickling - also known as the "Too Many Cucumbers" Workshop 

We will do two styles of cucumber pickle - the classic dill and bread & butter. We will also pickle some other things like green tomatoes, peppers,  and cauliflower. 
There are several options for how to process/can your pickles that we'll discuss. 

Students will go home with recipes as well as two jars of pickles that they make themselves!

Space is limited so everyone can fit comfortably in our kitchen. Price includes materials.  

Great for CSA members. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $45 | Current Schedule | Registration  

SImple, healthy meals workshop:

Creating simple & easy, budget-friendly meals that are remarkably healthy and satisfying! 

It can very often be cheaper to eat organic, whole, fresh foods and cook them yourself!

And the benefits - in health, happiness, family relationships - are uncountable. 

Quick and adaptable sautés, Bean Salads, Summer Salads, Hearty Soups, and more. You'll go home with easy and simple recipes that you can start making the same day. Great for CSA members. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Dressing Your Salad - Creating Salad Dressings Workshop

We harvest lots of great salad greens and sometimes need some new ideas and flavors in our dressings for spicing them up!

Bottled salad dressing is one of the biggest wastes of money - they are overpriced and usually full of corn syrup, cheap oils, and chemical preservatives, not to mention that most of them are sold in dangerous plastic bottles. It is SO EASY and QUICK to make your own dynamic and health-promoting salad dressings and that's what we'll do together in this workshop. You'll go home with a new set of recipes and the skills for designing your own new recipes. I believe the dressing should add nutrition and balance to the greens - the fats and proteins help the nutrients and minerals in the greens get fully absorbed and metabolized by the body. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged.

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Cooking from Your Spring Herb Garden Workshop

If you've said to yourself, " I have more herbs than I know what to do with!" take this workshop! Herbs are easy to grow and beautiful, and fresh herbs are pretty much impossible to get in supermarkets. So take the fullest advantage of your herb garden this year - cook away! Herbs are also full of important phytonutrients you can get no where else. You'll get tons of recipes and we'll go through various processes of recipe building, storing, etc that you can apply to any herb at any time. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  


​We'll go through a variety of bread styles, made traditionally and with healthy ingredients. Sourdough, Italian/French (Biga Style), Challah, Super Easy Dutch Oven, and a sweet Cinnamon Swirl. (Not gluten-free though!)

Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Pumpkin Pie Making Workshop

We'll make both a traditional "pumpkin pie" and a gluten and dairy free version. Both delicious! Truly - From Scratch - starting from the Winter Squash themselves. We'll make two versions of pie crust as well - a dairy/gluten free version and a traditional pate brisee with butter for our traditional version. We'll also go over the healing properties of what I call the "warming winter spices" and we'll mix up a batch of my favorite Spectulaas Spice Cookies too!

You'll go home with the makings (dough and filling) for both a traditional and a gluten/dairy free pumpkin pie - that you just have to put together the day before Thanksgiving and pop in the oven to serve up two wonderful pies all your guests can enjoy! Cost (which includes all the makings for two pies for Thanksgiving) - $52.00 per person.  Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $52 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Pestos and Salsas Workshop

Creating Pesto and Salsa Verde is truly an art in the artisanal kitchen. And although we'll do a great traditional Basil pesto, we also have a whole range of absolutely wonderful and creative mixtures using arugula, parsley, cilantro, lovage, chervil, dandelion, unusual heirloom Italian chicories, and more.

All the Pestos and Salsa Verdes we will be making will also be fully balanced using nuts and seeds and can be thought of as the main course as well as the appetizers.

Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Making Homemade Dog & Cat Food Workshop

Featured in the NY Times and Orange Magazine!
Healthier, Economical, Delicious. Either as a supplementary meal or as your pets' regular diet, homemade food is better, safer, and easy to make. We will mix up a batch of balanced food using raw chicken as a base. We'll go over tons of options in food bases - raw vs cooked, various nutritional additions, dogs vs cats, special needs pets, and discuss the wide range of commercial diets and brands. You'll take home recipes, a clearer knowledge of the commercial pet food available, and resources for suppliers. We'll also make up a wonderful whole foods supplement that you can add to a commercial diet using higher quality ingredients and for a lot less money than the fancy brand names. Even if you're not ready to switch over completely to a homemade diet, you'll get a lot from this workshop. Workshop takes place in the farm kitchen at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Other Natural Pet Resources

Making Great Vegetable Purées Workshop

Oh these are so delicious and so comforting! They are also festive and creative and make fabulous side dishes for festive gatherings! Purees are easy to make a big batch and reheat. At the workshop, we'll be working with fennel, celeriac, carrots, beets, potatoes, winter squash, turnips, rutabagas, and more - creating fabulous purees that have the comfort level of mashed potatoes, but which are just fancier and tastier! Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Cooking Dark Leafy Greens Workshop

Dark Leafy Greens - The #1 Missing Ingredient in Today's Diets!

We will demonstrate a wide range of ways to use dark leafy greens of all types. You will leave feeling empowered to live more healthily with a solid collection of great recipes. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Lacto-Fermenting Vegetables!

The Simple, Cultured Art of 'Krauting' 

If you haven't been integrating cultured or lacto-fermented vegetables into your life, you are missing out on some of the most healthful foods in the world. Lacto-fermented foods promote the growth of healthly flora throughout the intestine, aid in detoxification, and balance and nourish. As Sally Fallon in her fabulous book, Nourishing Traditions, states, "Lacto-fermentation is not only a means of conserving foods, but is also a procedure for ennobling them." In this workshop, you will learn how simple and safe it is to make delicious real sauerkraut the old fashioned way, that draws out a plethora of nutrients from raw vegetables and makes them completely bioavailable to us. This is a HANDS ON workshop - You will be going home with your own jar of started cabbage and carrot sauerkraut! Workshop takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $45 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Legumes! Cooking with Beans Workshop

Beans are one of those things that can make a huge difference in your health and well-being just by adding them to your weekly eating plan. And we'll go over a bunch of different ways to integrate them into your every day life easily. This workshop will lead to better overall health. Beans have been missing from the typical American diet and people have strange opinions of them, but they are delicious, easy to digest when prepared properly, and nourishing on many, many levels. We'll do a selection of fabulous bean dips, nourishing bean soups, refreshing bean salads (great for packing for work or school lunches), minestrone, and a variety of other recipes, as well as bean spouting. Workshop takes place in the Farm Kitchen; tasting is encouraged!

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration 

Do you find that after you spend the day gardening and come inside with an armful of harvest you are just too tired to creativity cook? And then you just crave comfort foods...  Well, I experience that same feeling every summer, and I have been working on a series of recipes and preparation techniques to address the 'summer cooking slump' and make great use of your harvest whether it is from your garden or the farmer's market. The recipes are designed for summer cooking - to comfort, relax, rejuvenate. And they are easy and quick! Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged - it takes place in the kitchen at Midsummer Farm. 

Check Schedule for Availability | Cost: $36 | Please register in advance.

After Gardening: Quick and Easy Comfort Foods

Conscious Eating WORKSHOP

What Does It All Mean??
The words 'organic,' 'free range,''hormone free,' etc. are flung about with abandon and without regard for what they really actually mean. This Conscious Eating workshop will clarify and specify exactly what these things mean and will also be geared toward helping you choose what foods you want for your family and household.

There is a lot of confusion about organic vs humane vs grassfed vs local vs pasture-raised vs free range etc - the public really has been being blatantly misled by big business and naively being misinformed by small businesses. And there are a lot of other chemicals being added to our food that are not classified as pesticides, hormones or antibiotics, and so they are slipping under our regular radar! This discussion will go over the general truths so you can better navigate the labeling and the misleading marketing in our food system.

It will also be great for anyone growing/raising their own food - vegetables, eggs, dairy, or meat - helping to give definition/goals to your homesteading plans. Workshop takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Classic Italian Cooking Workshop

Get prepared for some Feasting!  
Italian Food is the ultimate comfort food - always thoroughly enjoyed by all. Great for entertaining. We'll go over a variety of recipes for building traditional Italian dishes, and we'll be constructing these recipes in traditional Mediterranean style and very healthily. You'll leave knowing how to make the Ultimate "Sunday" Tomato Sauce, Bolognese Sauce, Meatballs, Lamb Ragu, Shellfish Sauces, Pesto, Saffron-Cream Sauce, Ricotta Gnocci, and Polenta. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Cooking and prepping heritage breed, backyard or small farm raised poultry demands some different techniques from supermarket poultry. This class will cover some of our favorite techniques for artisanal/backyard meat bird cooking. We'll also cover cooking up some other types of fowl and cooking techniques for younger vs. older birds, including how to make a medicinal chicken based Bone-Broth. Workshop takes place in the farm kitchen. Check Schedule for Availability | Cost: $36 | Please register in advance.

It's very hard to find truly Organic Meat Chickens - so consider raising your own...


Cooking Eggs - Midsummer Farm's Best Egg Recipes and Methods

Everything from simple tips like how to tell the freshness of an egg, or how to hard-boil a freshly laid egg, to building our favorite egg recipes like Niçoise Salad, Luscious Acadian Style Scrambled Eggs, a variety of Frittatas and Omelets using seasonal ingredients, Shirred Eggs with Spring Greens, and more! Participants will also receive a copy of our new Midsummer Farm Egg Recipe Book. Check Schedule for Availability | Cost: $36 | Please register in advance.

More Egg Recipes

Raise your own Egg-Laying Poultry Flock


One of the healthiest convenience foods is a big pot of Minestrone Soup, a Manhattan-Style Clam Chowder, or a Chicken Bone-Broth.

Soups and broths make a hearty breakfast, can travel easily as lunches, and are a satisfying snack food. A big pot of simmering soup on the stove is a great comfort to the home. Learn how to easily make a variety of broths and stocks and take home an exciting collection of soup and chowder recipes. Workshop takes place in the Farm Kitchen; tasting is encouraged!

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration 

I love perfecting and experimenting with recipes and flavors. We actually started farming in order to have great tasting and fresh ingredients for cooking. We offer a wide range of cooking classes at the farm. The classes are held in my farm kitchen using regular and easy to find equipment. Classes are small. These workshops can accommodate both beginners to cooking as well as people well versed in the kitchen.

Most of our cooking workshops are geared toward people interested in healthy and organic living. I use organic ingredients and everything is artisanally created - 'from scratch!'

Private Holistic Health Coaching Sessions

Info-Pages and Articles

Cooking & Healthy Living Workshops

Too Many Zucchini! Workshop

By popular request - I'm doing a workshop on what to do with all your summer squash. I also used to feel overwhelmed and even bored by summer squash, but now I can't wait to get my hands on as many as possible! I have a wide range of truly delicious recipes that I am thrilled to share with you so you too can fully enjoy all those zucchini you're pulling out of your garden this time of year! As with my other cooking workshops, you'll take home a variety of recipes and building outlines for creatively designing your own meals. Workshop is hands on and tasting is encouraged; takes place at Midsummer Farm 

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

A Note on Midsummer Farm Workshops: 
Classes are taught from a strictly Holistic and Organic standpoint. Class size is kept small to ensure individual attention. Fees include all materials and supplies needed. Children are welcome; children under 5 are free. If more than one person from a single household is taking the workshop together, the second person may deduct $5 from the cost of the workshop. Many classes take place outside in the gardens and are weather-permitting. Participants must register in advance. Cooking classes take place in the farm kitchen or in the greenhouse and are hands-on; tasting is encouraged. NOTE: times and dates of workshops are subject to change.

Accommodating Weekday and Weekend Schedules
As farmers who also have to work off farm, we totally understand how hard it can be to find time in your schedule to take workshops and do events. We try very hard to alternate whether we do a particular workshop on a weekend or weekday as we know some people can only make weekend events and others only weekday. And we wish we could offer everything with a weekday session and a weekday to accommodate everyone - but we run out of days each season!

If you see a workshop or course that you are very interested in, but it seems we keep offering it on a weekday and you need it to be on a weekend, or vice-versa - please let us know! Before I schedule a workshop, I'm usually sitting there trying to decide what day and if I know you are interested it will really help my decision-making!