Compost is so important - it is the backbone of sustainable agriculture.

We do offer our own compost created on the farm using the manure from our chickens and rabbits as well as the weeds and other refuse from our gardens.

However, our compost is only available at certain times and in limited quantity. We have had a tremendous increase in interest in our Compost this year, which is crafted biodynamically and made using our chicken manure and kitchen and garden waste.

We have subsequently sold out for this spring.

We also want to really encourage everyone to start their own compost piles. See more info below and consider signing up for our Backyard Composting Workshop!

Please email for more information.

Chickens and Gardens and Compost Piles just all go together so perfectly:

We cannot stress enough how important and effective this practice is for overall sustainability and planetary health and well being. Even the smallest yard can host a compost pile. Compost piles do NOT smell. They don't attract unwanted wildlife if handled properly. And they look rustic and ethical, especially with some straw strewn about and pitch fork - I find it to be an attractive accent to the yard.

Let It Rot by Stu Campbell is our favorite Composting book,

but you can find very good information in any organic, biodynamic, or permaculture gardening book.

We also offer Compost teas as well as herbal mixtures to be used as foliar sprays. Herbal Tea Sprays for plants are easy to make and very effective. I find my Chamomile Tea Spray to be more effective than any other fungicide certified for organic farmers on the market.

Our Simple Recipe for Chamomile Tea for Plants

-Lightly sprayed over seedlings, can prevent damping off
-Concentrated source of calcium, potash, and sulfur
-Also consider soaking seeds in the diluted tea for a day before planting

In a glass or stainless steel bowl or pot, pour 2 cups unchlorinated boiling water over _ cup of dried chamomile blossoms. Let steep until cool and strain into a spray bottle.
Keeps about 1 week.
Lightly spray over seed starting soil and seedlings as a preventative or whenever you see fungus or mold starting to grow.

Great Recipe for Horsetail (Equisetum) Tea for Plants

-Lightly sprayed over seedlings, can also prevent damping off
-Concentrated source of silica
-Increases plants’ light absorbing abilities
-Also try using it to combat powdery mildew in late summer

In a glass or stainless steel bowl or pot, mix 1/8 cup of dried equisetum leaves and stems with 1 gallon unchlorinated water. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 30 minutes. Cool and strain.
Store in glass container.
Will keep about 1 month.
This mixture should be diluted somewhat before using – dilute either 1 part tea with 5 parts water or 1:10.
Spray plants that show any symptoms of fungal type disease once every 4 days. Also try spraying on seed starting mixture to prevent damping off.

Biodynamically-Grown Chamomile and Horsetail can be bought from us at our plant sales, but our supply is limited. Mountain Rose Herbs is another solid place to purchase dried herbs:

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

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