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2 upcoming sessions:

Wednesday, February 21st 2018, 11 am to 1 pm

Saturday, February 24th 2018, 12 noon to 2 pm

We have been actively perfecting seed-starting for over 15 years, and I have come to realize that most of what home gardeners are told isn't complete and actually leads to failure or weak, unsatisfying seedlings... 

In this workshop, we'll demonstrate and go over how to start your own seeds professionally and successfully. You'll have strong and vibrant seedlings ready to grow and produce well all season long!

We are also doing this organically and biodynamically - using herbal teas to prevent damping off, using organic nutrients, etc. 

For anyone planning a big garden, starting your own strong and healthy seedlings is imperative! Workshop takes place at Midsummer Farm.

Cost is $36 by check or $38.50 via PayPal. 


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raising organic Backyard Chickens Workshop

For anyone who has dreamed of walking out to your own chicken coop and collecting fresh eggs for breakfast, this course will guide you through starting up your own flock of laying chickens and in organic and natural rearing methods. 

We will discuss all of our secrets to Organic chicken care that we have discovered over the years. Chickens are wonderful stewards of the earth; and kept in proper conditions, chickens are valuable assets to the garden, lawn, and compost pile. They also provide backyard joy. They are easy to take care of, are not noisy or smelly, and are an important part of the Organic garden. (Please be sure to check with your town to make sure that chickens are allowed where you live.) Workshop takes place takes place in the farm kitchen and outside (dress appropriately - wear boots). 

Saturday, March 24th 2018
10 am - 12 noon

Cost is $36 | Current Schedule | Registration  

Visit our Poultry Page for Tons of Resources and Info on raising successful and healthy, happy birds!

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