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Herbal Apothecary Registration Options:
Herbal Apothecary Registration Options:

Apothecary 2 Course:
Continuing to Build Your Herbal Apothecary at Midsummer Farm

Herbal Apothecary 2  is a 6 Session Intensive Herbalism Course.

In this course, we will be building on what we covered in our First Apothecary Course, and building on those herbs and herbal actions. You'll get a stronger foundation of how to approach herbs and use herbalism as both an art and a science. 


Intensive Full-Day Sessions - 6 Sessions

10 am -to  3pm​

Fridays starting in January 2017 

Day 1 - January 20th 
Day 2 - February 24th 
Day 3 - March 24th 
Day 4 - April 14th 
Day 5 - June 16th 
Day 6 - July 14th 

Lunch is Included!

Advanced Registration is Required | Registration closes a week before workshop begins.

This intensive course costs $585/person 
(Early-Bird Discount available for those who sign up by 12/1/16.)

You can register here, using PayPal:
(or feel free to email me for other registration options or any questions you may have  - barbara@midsummerfarm.com)

An Herbal Community: Not only do you gain a solid understanding and plan for using herbs in supporting the health and well-being of your household, but you also become a part of our Midsummer Farm Herbal Community. 

Herbal Students are invited to various gatherings and events... And they get to shop our plant sales early! Over the years, we are becoming an ever-evolving and developing supportive and fun group of local and passionate herbalists.

Price for our Herbal Apothecary 2 Course is $585.00 and includes one of my favorite herb books, as well as other materials, herbs, handouts...

Register here:

Day 1 - Foundations & Nutritive Herbs / Minerals in Herbs / Longevity 

Day 2 - Stress Management / Muscle Relaxing

Day 3 - Energy & Brain Support / Kicking the Coffee Habit

Day 4 - Getting the Most out of your Metabolism / Immune System Work

Day 5 - Nervous System / Thyroid Work / Herbs for Animals

Day 6 - Balancing and Restoring Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure / Using Herbs and Food to combat Heart Disease & Diabetes


This is an intensive herbalism course - for students who have already taken our Building a Sustainable Herbal Apothecary Course. Students have been asking me to do a "part 2," and i am so thrilled to put this together and continue our studying and exploring of using herbs to heal.