NEW! THE ART OF SOIL BUILDING WORKSHOP: Growing Tilth, a Sustainable Nutrient Base for a Garden of Abundance

10 am to 3 pm

Saturday, June 7th (Raindate Sunday, June 8th)

Creating Tilth - Our focus in this workshop is on soil building, not on fertilizing plants. When I talk about soil building it is specifically focused on the good of the soil itself not on its outcome production wise for the plants. Of course, the plants planted in this well built soil will thrive and be healthier, more disease resistant, more productive etc. but the mindset is different - we're not forcing plants to produce in adverse conditions. We're building the perfect conditions and letting the plants thrive.

From a general standpoint the soil is an organism and entity just like us or an animal or a plant; and like every organism, the soil is also a colony or an ecosystem of other organisms - soil has a complexity that is very similar to the human body and like the human body, it should be approached holistically when addressing health and well-being.

Our Art of Soil Building Workshop is an all-day intensive workshop and is very hands on. It is one thing to read about building tilth and another to literally dig in and see it and experience it.

10 am to 3 pm, with a couple short breaks and a break for lunch.

Cost is $145.00 for the day. (Two people from the same household/farm can take $20 off the second person's tuition.)

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